Chicagoland Fest Anyone? Feb. 23-28?

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  • Jourles

    This is a very late notice, but is there anyone who would be interested in a fest next week in the Chicagoland area? If not a full-blown fest, how about a fun dinner place? Let's get a jump on the Dallas festivities. I was just sprung the news today that I would be going over there so my upcoming shepherding call looks like it may get delayed a bit.

    Jourles, of the "let the company buy the first round" class.

  • Jourles

    Sorry, didn't notice that the email addy's were not displaying --- [email protected]

  • Jourles

    Another shameless bttt.

    Does anyone have Amazing's email address?

  • Jourles

    OK. Last post, I swear. But there has to be someone out there that would like to meet up in Chicago. Isn't there? I promise I won't bite. For the third largest city in the US, the amount of ex-jw's here should surpass what we have in MI total.

    Fine. I guess if no one contacts me, that will leave me no choice but to associate with worldly people where I am at. **gasp**

    Jourles, of the "do people even like me?" class

  • blondie

    We like you Jourles. It just didn't work this time with our schedule. But let us know again when you will be in Chicago. That restaurant looks like a keeper and my husband loves seafood and would like to talk over guy stuff with you. It's a 2 hour drive one way so we have to keep it on a Friday or Saturday night. We are old fogies and can't party Sunday night and then drive home.

    Blondie and hubbie

  • logansrun

    I just saw this thread, forgive me. I live in Chicago and would love to meet up with ex-JWs. Email me: [email protected]

    Hope I'm not too late ;)


  • teenyuck

    If it were in the spring, summer or fall, I would drive up....I can use it as an excuse to go visit my mother....perhaps bring her and see if she turns to salt.

    Seriously, I would go in any other weather....last time I drove from Chicgo to Columbus, it took 9 hours because of snow.

    Try Roybatty....he is in the area also. Knows many of the people I do.

  • joannadandy
    Jourles, of the "do people even like me?" class


    But you should be in Dallas...not Chicago!! I will convince you yet to come to Green Bay in July...

  • Jourles

    Logansrun, you've got mail.

    Jo - Ahhhhh, you will always be the monkey slut apostawhore in my heart.

    Anyone have Roybatty's email address?

  • Solace


    I just saw this. I would love to meet you, but I'll be in Dallas too. You will HAVE to get your butt to Green Bay in July for sure!!!

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