JWs brag about using the web to convert people

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  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang:

    I got the following off the JWs' media site. I think it is a riot that they are bragging about how well their website is doing considering that not too long ago most JWs did not even believe the WTS had a website because they were so critical of the internet. How times have changed, I guess it is another example of "new light".

    Jeff S.

    Highlights of 2002 include using the Web to spread the Word

    In the past year, Jehovah's Witnesses around the world spent over 1.2 billion hours seeking out people who want to find answers to life's deepest questions. This tally represents their greatest peak to date, encompassing the time spent both in their signature door-to-door Bible education work to the public and in individual Bible instruction.

    There have also been exciting developments this past year with the online medium, www.watchtower.org, as month after month additional translations of educational material were added to the Web site. In fact, as of February 20, 2003, this Web site publishes educational articles in 105 languages! The available languages include common ones, such as English, Chinese, French and Spanish, as well as many less-familiar tongues, such as Chamorro, Faeroese and Sranantongo.

    By means of the online request feature of watchtower.org, more than 300 requests a month come in from individuals who wish to participate in an individually tailored Bible study program. The Watchtower is the most widely translated magazine in the world, published in 146 languages in either semimonthly or monthly editions. It has a circulation of 25,203,000.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Funny thing is, that it was ME trying to witness online to someone that converted me out....

  • imanaliento

    hi Jeff, long time no see, say hi to Kathy too.

    so now they are encouraging using the internet, hope so, maybe some will come around here and see the numbers that are up on this board.

    I always get a kick out of the number of hours they claim to have, In the US half of it is spent riding around the territory.


  • Elsewhere

    Some poor young bethelite web developer must of had to do some veeeeery naughty things for a memeber of the GB before he could get his pet project off the ground.

  • hurt

    Those guys in Writing 're still crazy 'bout using the exclamation mark! They'll break their hand trying to pat themselves on the back...

  • JH

    More people must come to this site than theirs. Anyways, here anyone can participate.

    On their site, it's read and shut up.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    1.2 billion hours seeking out people who want to find answers

    "...but inwardly are ravenous..."

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Notice what their use of the net is limited to when it comes to attracting new interest: newbies logging requests for ``free Bible studies" which are then forwarded to the congregations covering the territories in which the addresses are found.

    Strangely, for an organization with arguably the most aggressive public proselyting campaign of any religion (or not so strangely, given their awareness of how damaging full and unfettered discussion/disclosure can be on the internet) there's no forum on their site for free and open exchange of ideas, questions, etc.) It certainly would be a great fucntion to staff with pioneers eager to rack up their required hours and could be kept open 24/7.

  • xjw_b12

    I like this :

    300 requests a month come in from individuals who wish to participate in an individually tailored Bible study program .

    " Isn't that special " individually tailored..... my ass !

    I wonder how many people a month come to this site, To Learn the Truth.

    " Millions Now Living Will Never Know "

  • sf


    I wonder if J.R. Bozo is Aware! of how much of this internet time is spent conversing with us known 'apostates'. Many times we have 'sat' and had 'cybersessions' with these very internet jws. Whether it be yahoo, aol, discussion forums, etc....

    These 'loyal' jws can't get enough of trying to show the average lurker coming thru to these sites, just how wonderful 'jehovah's organization is and can be'. [[ Right DocBob?...you've been there many times too ]]

    As 'PB' states...'we demolish them EVERY TIME!'

    So, I suppose SOMEONE must inform the gb that this 'time spent' is bogus.

    Think he'll Kare?

    Damned hypocrites piss me so off, you have no idea.

    sKally...TheNakedApostate Rides againnnnnnnnnnnn

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