Photo of Russel Exploring Giza Pyramids

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    I thought the following article was interesting:


    It is not surprising, then, that a few years later George Storrs published a series of major articles on the Great Pyramid and its prophetic significance in the Herald of Life and the Coming Kingdom,(17) the official organ of a small Adventist movement, the Life and advent Union which Storrs had helped to found. Quite evidently the Union was influenced directly by Smyth's Bible Examiner article and by Joseph Seiss's study as well.(18) Significant is the fact that pyramidology was taken up by the leader of what was to become a fairly large, better-known religious group-Charles Taze Russell, the first president of what is now the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society and the founder of the International Bible Students and their spiritual descendants, Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Although Russell never regarded himself as a Second Adventist, many of the persons who influenced him in a major way were. According to his own admission, Storrs and an Advent Christian preacher, George Stetson, had the greatest influence on him.(19) And in 1876 he adopted a whole system of prophetic speculation regarding the parousia of Christ and the approaching end of the world from Dr. Nelson Barbour, another Second Adventist who had-like Storrs and Stetson-been involved with William Miller.(20) So while he rejected the name, in fact Russell was basically an Adventist in the Second Adventist tradition.

    It is quite probable that Russell came to accept pyramidology because of the influence on him of such men as Dr. Joseph Seiss and George Storrs. Following their lead, he announced that God had placed the great Pyramid as a sign in Egypt on page 3 of the September, 1883 issue of Zion's Watch Tower. Yet he did not stress the importance of pyramidology until 1897 when he published Volume iii of his famous Studies in the Scriptures entitled Thy Kingdom Come.

    With a full chapter devoted to the Great Pyramid in Thy Kingdom Come, Russell, went beyond Taylor, Smyth, Seiss, Storrs and others. What he did was to give a major historical-eschatological interpretation of the structure of the pyramid which he related to Barbour's system of biblical chronology and prophetic speculation.(21) Accordingly, he came to teach that the Great Pyramid was the "divine plan of the ages in stone." Interestingly, he submitted his ideas to Smyth for examination and received the latter's approval for them.(22)

    John and Morton Edgar, two Scottish brothers, became faithful members of Russell's Bible Students and pursued pyramidology with a passion. John, a professor of gynecology at Glasgow, published a number of works on the Great Pyramid until his death in 1912. Morton, who had collaborated with him, continued his studies and published several books on the subject during the following decades.(23) Only after Charles T. Russell's successor, Judge Joseph F. Rutherford denounced pyramidology as unscriptural and of the devil in 1928,(24) did Bible Students connected with the Watch Tower Society abandon it. Hence their spiritual heirs today, Jehovah's Witnesses, are hardly aware of its existence, but several schismatic Bible Student groups still advocate it.(25)

    I don't know who authored this. Can it be determined from the webpage?


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    Is this photo for real? Why would Russell go exploring the pyramids with a tea cosy on his head?

    For those of you that don't know, Sooty is a little yellow bear who can't speak and Sweep is a dog who squeaks all the time. They live in a house with Sue the panda who has a permanently sort throat. Sometimes their friend Butch the dog visits - he is a bit common and has a cockney accent. Matthew is their lord and master and he has his hand up Sooty, Sweep and Sue all the time. It was all harmless fun!

    I think Beavis and Butthead are cartoon characters - correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm must not spend so much time watching children's television.


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    I think we are having a cultural misunderstanding here.

    Sooty and Sweep

    Beavis and Butthead

    Am I alone, or do they look oddly the same?

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    Anyone have an updated link to Russel in the pyramid?

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    I think inevitably is all goes back to ancient history. The Sumerians, Mesopotamians, Babylonian’s, Egyptians, Greeks, all have surviving documents that predate our bible and are a great source of information of man’s early existence with the gods, etc.

    Even the best manuscripts of the Hebrew bible are not that old relatively speaking (existing 2nd century BCE fragments). Sooner or later, you start digging around in the Mideast sand for answers. They do not call it the cradle of civilization for nothing. I think Russell had an affinity for history and esoteric information is all.

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    bevis and ####head ( yes I still don't like that name) are a cartoon fro the 90s and 2000's. Offensive humor that all the boys ( even those supposedlty grown up) loved.

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