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  • WantTheTruth


    I have been involved with a girl who is of the JW faith; although things have pretty much ended between us... due to her being disfellowshipped for the way we acted together (although she has recently been accepted back).

    She did make me think about things... and consider her religion. However, I think I have come to my senses.... a few things about the religion seem wrong to me... the whole WatchTower thing (False Prophet), being baptised into the Organisation, the subject of blood and the little evidence they seem to have to back this up, the 'New Light' etc.

    I would really like more information to present to this girl in order to:

    1) show her that it really is not right for me; with good/ unquestionable reasons why;

    2) make her think about things, and maybe even question parts of her belief to some extent;

    Why do JWs think that they are the 'chosen' ones and that only they are in Gods favour... where is the proof as seen by a JW?

    What is the history of Charles Russell... what makes him so special?

    I just need enough information to put up a good defence... you know how well JWs know "their" Bible and religion!

    Thank you for all your help.


  • SYN

    Hi WTT,

    I believe you can find all your answers and more at the bottom of this very page!

  • Vivamus

    Am I being particulary blonde when I say that I don't get it SYN? Whats at the bottom of the page? Nothing??? Is that it? LOL.

    WTT, Why prove it? Just tell her its not for you, that you're happy without, and that you can't see yourself be happy as a JW. That should be enough. Go into a dsiscussion with her, and before you know it, you end up being dragged to Hell [erm, I meant Hall] and getting an army of Witnesses on your doorstep that will want to welcome you and convince you......

  • WildHorses

    Viv, you may blonde but you're correct. The links are no longer at the bottom of the page. Simon moved them I guess.

  • WantTheTruth

    Being a 'Newbie' & not aware of such links.... I thought is was just SYN's wit.

    Does anyone have any links I could follow... or any of their own inspiring input?



  • xjw_b12

    WTT Be patient. Some of the more seasoned posters here will provide you with other links. They used to be at the bottom of the page, on the old format, but Simon has not put them back on yet.

    It is also unfortunate the search feature is not yet enabled. You could use that to find topics very similar to your situation. This topic has come up many times on this board.

    Good Luck.

  • kat_newmas

    I was raised as a jw and can only tell you this: Trying to make them question their religion, is like the dream of every family member of a jw. As far as I know nothing special about Russell. (My grandmother told me once that he smoked cigarettes, and that rule only came about years later)

    Was your girlfriend raised in the 'truth'? If so, it is very doubtful that you will change her mind. Although the fact that you "behaved" like that, tells me she will put that belief aside to answer the call of nature.

    You could always remind her that the origins of marriage and wedding rings,(though I am married) date back before christianity... some used it as a symbol of "ownership" of the female. Remind her that modern Christianity has borrowed several customs from pagan tradition. Even Jw's. The bread and wine, at passover... a pagan tradition "re-vamped" by the church. (Bread= Earth .... Wine= water... then air... then fire... the elements of Magik. but that is a whole other topic)

    But it sounds to me like she has you questioning your own beliefs, if you are even considering it. I would dare to say that most Witnesses raised by Witnesses... dont really know what they believe... they know doctrine... it is pounded in the head since birth. But your girl WILL know that she can lose everything, if she doesnt comply. The fact that she was re-instated, says to me, that she went before the elders and ... repented? for sleeping with you(or whatever you did). If you really do LOVE her, then all you can do is show her that you will love her, no matter what she believes. Maybe, you could introduce her to other options, without making "religion" an issue. Let her know that you believe in "god" and just try to show her that this religion teaches, that man was a mistake, that needs to be wiped out... like God had to start over again, cause he messed up, a SECOND time... according to the bible he already wiped man out with the flood. Sort of a contradiction if you ask me.

    If all else fails.... ask her where does the story of creation, leave the dinosaur and the other 60 million years of earths history. (worth a try)

    But dont be confrontational. Dont "slam" her religion, or her family....get more flies with honey..... If you slam it, then you only give her family and congregation, more ammunition. Of course all this will pivot on your own lifestyle.... How close is your lifestyle, to that of a christian? I mean, if you are a total "sinner" then forget it.... but if you live a "wholesome" life, you give them less ammo. Cause her peers will say "see how he lives.." anyway, good luck. Love is a fickle thing, and we do much in it's name.

  • PurpleV

    The only way to reach JW's is through their own literature. They won't read anything anti-JW, they think it's apostate and from Satan.

    Try www.quotes.jehovahswitnesses.com.

    This website contains nothing but quotes from their own propaganda literature. Read through it and see all the flip-flops. Your path will become clear.

    Good luck...!

  • Vivamus

    Hehe, Thanx WildHorses, I was beginning to think it was me. Right, there used to be links at the bottom of the pages....

    WTT, try www.freeminds.org [I hope I remember it correctly, I'm at a public computer so I don't have my lists of fav. at hand.....

  • WantTheTruth

    .... I feel a smile coming on...

    .... thanks guys, much appreciated.


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