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  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I just spent a few days with my oldest daughter..I had a good time..bu wanted to come home today so I could have a good cry. Two weeks ago today my dear hubby passed away. My grandson copied a card one of his classmates gave him and I wanted to share the poem in it with you.

    You may have heard this before..but living with a JW I didn't get to hear too many things like this...

    God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around him and whispered"Come to me!".

    With tearful hearts we watched him...slowly fade away. Although we loved him dearly..we could not make him stay. A Golden heart stopped beating...hard working hands to rest...God broke our hearts to prove to us..he only takes the best!.

    I thought that was so sweet. I know God cares about everyone..but it still touched my heart.

    I started a journal so I write to him almost everyday. I don't know if he can hear me..but it makes me feel better. I know it takes time..and it does get easier..I can tell..but I thank you all for the support you have given me.

    When he was sick..I wrote in the journal everyday. Many times some days. Just to keep a record of everything he went through and the pain and decline..I wanted to remember.. so that when I missed him so..I would be glad he is out of pain!...It really helps!..

    Thank you all again..


  • Kaethra

    Hi Snoozy...I'm so sorry that your husband passed away. I don't know your story...forgive me please? Was it cancer? My father died of cancer when he was only 52. My father also had "hard working hands". He also had an amazingly brilliant mind.

    I think you should keep writing your journal to hubby. It helps so much to put our thoughts into words...and I think that somehow, they get heard.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    K...thank you for your reply....Yes..he had lung cancer that spread to his liver..He only lasted 5 months after diagnosed. He was 62. We had just retired and looking forward to a lot of things!..He didn't even smoke! He did everything right..had no bad habits!..Went to bed early up early..wouldn't eat "Bad" foods..You never know!. Cancer has no favorites!...

    Now both of my daughters are is still having the same symptons she had before she got her gallbladder out 3 months ago.she keeps losing weight and has a really bad taste in her mouth..It makes her sick....the other has nodules in her neck that she is getting taken out and biopsied in March..

    They both have minor children and it is causing quite a strain on them..And I can only help so much....

    What is that old saying about "When it rains it pours?".....

    Your father really died young!..I am so did your Mom take it?..Were they witnesses?..


  • acsot

    I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Not only does journal writing help, it's been documented to have emotional and physical benefits. Dr. James Pennebaker wrote "Opening Up" about his research on journaling/diary writing and was able to prove definite therapeutic benefits from writing down emotions, experiences, etc.

    It will help you, definitely, and maybe your husband is seeing/reading your thoughts. There's so much we don't know and can't explain about the afterlife.

    BTW, that was a beautiful poem.



  • Joyzabel


    glad you're keeping a journal. That poem was nice too.

    I hope you are keeping on an eye on caring for yourself. With your husband and now your kids, yikes! Life is a roller coaster.

    Hugs and more hugs,


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