Society to Depressed: Get lost!

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  • metatron

    The June 1 Watchtower is such an unusually sick and arrogant piece
    of work ("Moving Ahead To Final Victory!"), I hardly know
    where to start. However, take a look at page 14:
    "Jehovah is'the happy God'". So how could his worshipers be unhappy
    or persistently pessimistic?"

    Good question. How could they? After years of fraudulent chronology
    and false prophesy, why would they be unhappy? Since the Society
    is now using happiness as a sign of the True Religion, I guess
    its over the side with all you poor Prozac-swallowing riff-raff
    that have brought this glorious organization down.

    As for the rest of the rank and file, don't worry! The Watchtower
    has a plan to "rally the troops"! What is it? PERSECUTION!
    They are positively obsessed with PERSECUTION, referring to it
    again and again ("Strengthen Your Trust In Jehovah"), it's a sign
    of True Worship(pg.15) , JW's will face an "all-out attack",
    "SHORTLY"-- and let's not forget.....those Nazis! (pg.20)

    Does it ever occur to any Witness with an IQ above 70 that
    "Satan" can destroy this idiotic organization by avoiding
    all persecution? That freedom and exposure are its greatest


  • buffalosrfree

    Seems to me that the Society calls persecution anything that doesn't agree with their drivel. If those of other religions had stood out in front of a Kingdom Hall and handed out pamphlets derogatory to the Witnesses, they would call that persecution. However, if witnesses as they did in earlier times 20s 30s 40 etc. did that its called a ministry, be out in field service, blah blah blah. I however believe in context with the June wt that any who are happy to be out of the borg have God's blessing, I know I'm happy to have left those sniveling prozac annointed nerds. Buff

  • TR

    It's funny what cults do. I mean anything that happens in the world can be used to point to the WTS's being the chosen. I think if 300,000 giraffes spazzed out and headed off the cliffs like lemmings, the WTS would somehow tie it into their scenario for persecution.

    I can see a GB member at a dist. convention, banging his fists on the podium; "Just like the mass giraffe suicide in '01, so will our dear brothers be drawn away from Jah's organization! So, dear brothers, don't let these giraffes lead you astray, even though giraffes are tall, and can see trouble coming for miles, and can kick most predators butts, and are smart enough to get out of harms way, and start researching things they don't agree with, hmmm... well anyway brothers, don't be like those giraffes!"


  • riz


    ROTFLMAO! I wouldn't be surprised. They have a knack for coming to some bizarre conclusions.


  • stephenw20

    isnt the answer obvious already.......

    we all must be crucified...some of us upside down........

    then we will all be happy! *and dead......

    * since you will be dead , in a physical sense.Please fill out the charitable contribution brochure first.....
    because where you are going dont need the money.....

  • willy_think

    "persecution" gives the WTB&TS inc. an enemy to fight against. ( this will help any and all political groups) something tangable to fight agenst, fighting the old "light" is not as eazy. it will give them a scapegoat to explain the loss of there #"s. it will also feed nicely into there corporat sponsored complexs.

    the old "we must be right or why would we be sooooooo presecuted?"

    sometimes a slaves chains are invisible and stronger than steel.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • nojw86

    Persecuted how, ? Oh im so sad we need to buy another new building somewhere , we have so much money can we really feel so persecuted,and as far as depression the only ones who are depressed are those 12 old men, are there still 12? That june watchtower is a sick one, now write it down and tell the people how to be happy. GAG (nojw)

  • Francois

    Persecution? The Jay-Dubs are the masters of persecution: destroying families, inspiring suicides, winking at alcoholism, condoning pedophilia (that's child sex abuse for those of you who are dumb enough to still be in the Borg), and on and on and on. And when people object to being persecuted, THEY are said to be persecuting the JWs. It's a crazy, inverted, Orwellian interpretation.

    As far as being depressed is concerned, the Jay-Dubs display the same tender compassion, loving concern, and heart-felt empathy as did the Nazis. I went through a severe depression while I was still in the Borg. Unusual to still have been in there, but I was young and depressed; a situation not that unusual among JW youth.

    I was told to "just snap out of it." I was asked, "what do you have to be depressed about? You've got Jehovah's organization!" (Wow, imagine that!) It was implied that if I were depressed, I must be doing something wrong and the elders should investigate my life. I was bringing "reproach" on Jehovah's organization because I looked so "sad" all the time. And on and on in that vein. It never occured to anyone to actually consider what must have been going on in my life to make me depressed. And while all the elders were wasting time harassing me about being depressed, a young girl in the congregation (whom I dated 15 years later) was being sexually abused by her father. Right under their noses.

    Fact is, there is no training of any kind for elders so that they can recognize even the most basic of warning flags revealing clues to family dysfunctionality like drunkeness, spousal abuse, child abuse - sexual or otherwise, depression, panic disorders, or any other of a vast range of abnormal family functionalities. Too busy keeping the congregation "clean" don't you know. And thus it is literally true that what you don't know can and will hurt you. The sad corollary is that Jehovah's Witnesses constitute a cancer on the body of humanity, on the human family. As such, it should be ripped out root and branch and destroyed.

  • metatron

    I love your last paragraph!
    Rip it out and stomp it flat!


  • unanswered

    TR-just got the new WT in the mail today, i was thinking the same thing about the whole issue.:) the questions from readers is a real gem too.-nate

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