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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    I should perhaps have added..

    Obviously my above post applies to all family relationships, not just parent/child relationships.

    The parent/child example just highlights the merciless rigidity of the shunning policy.

  • Sabin

    Maksutov, the first 4 statements are not mine. They belong to a person who doubts the existence of God while defending the organization. It disturbed me that is all. I think it is better to have faith in a God then to have faith in WTBTS when they so obviously are corrupt. I just wanted to remind them of the information that they would have had access to so they could ask themselves wether going along with these policy`s truly made them the better person that they claimed to be. I hope this make it easy for you to understand.

  • Vidiot

    sabin - "How wonderful is!"

    xxxxxxxxxxx"...just relax and let the hooks do their work..."

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    (To summarise my post on page 1, as it's quite long)

    The GB are responsible for countless children being cut off from their parents..

    They use the JW's feelings;

    their fear of God, and loyalty to their God, to indoctrinate millions of people into thinking that Disfellowshipping is a loving action.

    Countless parents would otherwise have naturally found a way to ignore it, or get around it.

    That first quote of my post clearly shows that even 'checking up on someone', your own family member, is a violation of the DF'ing arrangement.

    When asked what moved him to return to Jehovah and His people after such a long time, he replied that the stand that his family took affected him.

    “Had my family associated with me even a little, say to check up on me, that small dose of association would have satisfied me and likely not allowed my desire for association to be a motivating factor to return to God.”

    The GB also teach that those who do not return to Jehovah before Armageddon are going to be..

    The feasting by birds on the corpses of such enemies of Christ’s Kingdom rule likewise finds a correspondency here.

    For further reading:

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