Facebook hacking and praying to the big man in the sky!

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  • username

    Yet another clanger over at jwtalk.

    so.. just a heads up about this. i dont want to discus the rights or wrongs of facebook here.. thats been done to death... just wanted to relate my experience yesterday...
    so i gets a message from a friend who says ... im getting some strange links from you posted onto my page.. i said like what and he sends a pic of one of the more reserved links... so it turns out someone or something has hacked my account and is posting insppropriate material seemingly on my behalf to other peoples pages!
    iv now changed my password... checked my secority etc.... and deleted the links from my end. iv prayed for forgiveness that no reproach will come on Jehovahs name because of it. .........

    so..keep an eye on your activity logs. u csn see there wots posted or liked on your behalf.

    be careful gang.
    gu out

    Copy and pasted.

  • Vidiot

    Ten bucks says he knows a (TTATT-related) thing or two, and posted the links when he was drunk...

    ...and now that he's sober, he's trying to disavow it.

  • KateWild

    If you like something it shows up on you're friends news feeds too.

    I agree this poster probably has been reading some TTATT

    Kate xx

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