Statement about Lying in January 2015 Public Watchtower

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  • BluesBrother

    The online Mag opens with this bold statement :

    "Most people lie at least once during a ten minute conversation. Why bother trying to be different?"

    I see no qualifying statement or facts to support that claim. A little Googling led me to a study published in the June 2002 issue of "Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology." . Certainly some journalists seem to have written headlines similar to the Wt's statement but what did it really say?

    It studied "Self Presentation " eg.job applicants and those seeking to impress.

    "The pattern of results provides initial evidence regarding
    the relation between self-presentational goals and deception
    patterns. People’s goals affected the number and type of lies
    they told, presumably employing deception to achieve the
    goals of the interaction.
    It is important to keep in mind that 60% of the participants
    lied during the 10-min conversation, and did so an average of
    almost three times. It is hard to imagine that people lie almost
    three times per 10 min during most social interactions. The
    large number of lies told might be related to the awkwardness
    of having to speak with a stranger for a period of time in a
    laboratory setting. For lack of anything better to say, it is possible
    that participants embellished, or even invented stories
    to pass the time. Outside the laboratory, people have the ability
    to end a conversation that they find boring or awkward"

    So how accurate is their statement? Dis they check the source material? They who have claimed such honesty in such matters...

    The way they state it is just B/S ....IMHO (sorry for a long post for a simple point )

  • alanv

    What they dont say if it is true, is that JWs will do the same, as they often have things they dont want to tell others honestly.

  • Phizzy
    It took Jackson less than 10 minutes whilst on Oath if my memory is correct.
  • Vidiot

    "Most people lie at least once during a ten minute conversation. Why bother trying to be different?"

    Well, they'd know (and it definitely explains a lot). :smirk:


    LOL!! I just thought of how often I fib when at the KH, or with brain-dead Dubbies. I can't always escape the "Lab", so I start lying! "Yes, yes, that was a wonderful new song! Really?? I love Panda bears too!!"


  • never a jw
    never a jw

    It's an average of 2.92 lies in 10 minutes. So it is about one lie every three minutes. It took me less than two minutes of reading from the heading of the Watchtower article to get to the first lie, or deception in this case. I guess the Watchtower is right. So what's your beef?

    Since the study included exaggerations as lies, I think JW's lie more often than the average. Have you asked JW's their opinion about the assemblies' speeches, the speakers and all presentations in general? How many lies could you count in ten minutes in this context? Or how about, "we miss you at the meeting" "we are so happy to see you", etc.

    In fact, Bluesbrother lied within seconds in the opening part, it's January 2016, not 2015. The Watchtower is right again

  • sir82
    It takes a special kind of, what? talent? chutzpah? lie, essentially, by taking a statement out of context for an article written to condemn lying.
  • Simon

    So they are lying about how much people are lying?

    Maybe they were going off their own talks and publications. How many lies per paragraph / watchtower ...

  • steve2

    I never lie about my lying even though I lie all the time. My God! Did I just tell the truth?! I need to sit down and take a few deep breaths. This honest disclosure is too, too much!

  • Vidiot

    I lie all the time, too.

    In fact, I'm lying right now.

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