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  • OrbitingTheSun

    Wonderful, Joanna! Simply wonderful.

    My favorite part:

    She hates being around people. She feels awkward and shy. The genuine truth is she will be the perpetual wallflower wilting in the gazes of strangers.
  • not interested
    not interested


    that was awsome, if i werent such a tuff guy it could have made me tear

    what you wrote sounds alot like somone i know......

    take care

    see ya soon

    love ya tons


  • Soledad

    joanna how do you know me so well? excellent writing btw.

  • Preston
    Preston you seen "The Hours"?, you're a regular Virginia Woolf!

  • SheilaM


    The piece sounds as if you peeked into my life....WOW at least someone understands me!

    Wonderful transitioning and feeling bravo

  • castyurcare


    Excellent writing! Amazing! Scary! How did you get in my head? Are you published??

  • Vivamus

    That was truly an amazing piece of writing. You have a gift Joanna, you kept my attention from start to finish, awesome.

    ***Big kiss***

  • JamesThomas

    Beautiful. The story of believing I am an individual entity; a scrap; a fragment; lost and alone within a tiny box of time; soon to die. JamesT

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Joanna, you scared the stuffing out of me. I was worried about your well-being after reading that.

    Please be good to yourself and make sure there's at least one or two friends here who know how to contact you in the real world.

    Keep writing, and keep posting!

  • Cicatrix


    What beautiful writing! Your description makes the last paragraph land like a blow to the heart.

    I really liked this:

    "She loves school, but feels stupid. Words tumble and travel in her brain but can never really come out, at least not in the manner she would hope they would. The expectation always is much higher than the actual final product."

    Keep sharing, please. You're not pimping, you're gifting us, girl!

    I hope you're working on getting published.

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