Did you know: some states will force blood transfusions on your child

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  • waiting

    Hello Hawk,

    Just sliding in here with a "just a note." My computer guy updated my computer last year, and dumped all my then-files *somewhere* on my computer and I haven't found them since. I've a call into him........but he's like a plumber.......can't find him when I need him. This refers to the letter you sent my way about blood, btw.

    I would like to send you an email about current court cases, but alas, don't have an address. Can you email me....or have someone else email me that can email to you? Thanks.


  • wannaexit


    In our area it is common knowledge that when a situation arises with minors and blood the courts get involved.

    Jw's try to coax parents to make their kids carry a childs 'blood card' called an "identity card". They want kids to carry it with them at all times.

    This is pure stupidity and a waste of time. In case of an emergency, not the parents, not the elders and not even the doctor can do anything. The law gets involved.

    I don't allow may kids to carry an "identity card" and I don't carry a "blood card" anymore.

    With all the changes in the blood doctrine, it is obvious to me that that doctrine is not supported by the scriptures.

    Just my two cents worth.


  • waiting

    Hey Joe from Kokomo,

    If you're referring to Kokomo, Indiana, I went to one of those congregations around 79-81. There was only one cong. then.

    Strange cong., but then, so was/is(?) Kokomo! I can say that - born & bred in Indiana.

    Mark Stailey still PO in one of the cong? Still a nice guy? Hope so.

    Hope your child gets better too. Always hard to have a sick child. Take care.


  • Swan

    Welcome Joe!

    Hope all goes well with your child's surgery.

  • simplesally

    Kaiser Permanente in California will seek a court order for a minor child in the event they feel the child needs a transfusion. It's a policy.

  • little princess
    little princess

    I really don't understand the views and beliefs surrounding the stance against blood transfusions? I'd really like to know more on the subject ie.

    what are the reasons you are so against it?

    do you approve of blood substitutes?

    can you tell me what other sites i can access to learn more?

    Your help would be very much appreciated. You can contact me at [email protected]

    Thankyou so much.

  • Gopher

    Little Princess,

    I sent you an e-mail which I hope you'll find helpful.

    -- JEFF

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    In our state in Australia, they do the same - children are made temporary wards of the state in consideration that the parents are simply unfit to care for them.

  • digderidoo

    In the uk all that is needed in the case of blood transfusions for a minor is two doctors to overule the parents, no need for a court order. Good law in my opinion.


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