JWs on the defensive on FS in the UK right from the introduction.

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  • steve2

    Londo111, I would only agree that the JW organization is not so much good at spin but carefully phrased muted responses thst never tell the reader whst anninstance of criticism is. You'll note that in the three examples of people finding out from JWs how positive the organization really is, no actual example of criticism is mentioned. It remains general and we are not even told what actual responses from the JWs proved satisfying to the "woman".

    Call that spin? Spin occurs when an instance of criticism is provided and a positive explanation given. That is completely absent. Whst interests me is that JWs as a whole are themselves satisfied with this level of superficiality.Or it it is more likely that your average JW is not that invested or interested in what others are saying about JW organization.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Please believe me we are good people, it's Satan who is trying to bring us down.

    That should go over great with the householder.

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "...JWs as a whole are themselves satisfied with this level of superficiality."

    Either that, or they're too f**king scared to examine it beyond that level of superficiality.

    Know how I know?

    That was me.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Vidiot an hour ago
    At this rate, they'll be going door-to-door just to try and refute all the bad PR before too long

    LOL. If you look at the September public Watchtower, that is basically what they are doing..

    "We're not a weird American cult, we are a worlwide organisation of happy people.. Look at all the smiley faces in the pictures.. We don't ask anybody for money, we take donations.."

    Why do they think anybody cares what they believe or how many JW"s there are?

    This month's offering the mags, as set out in the KM, is a shameless PR exercise. I hope it makes a few people curious..

    My friend told me that one lady said to him "I never thought you were a cult", and yet still didn't care what was in the mags. Probably the first time she'd heard the idea. Not many bother to Google JW's in their spare time, after all..

  • Vidiot

    "I never thought you were a cult..."

    "...but now that I've heard the sales pitch..."

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