Same sex attraction, as a behaviour can be predicted.

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  • fulltimestudent

    Being ever ready to note information that demonstrates Christian idiocy in general and JW idiocy in particular, I was interested in news of this particular research that has been doing the rounds of science oriented news sources this week.

    Christianity in general and JWism in particular, have viciously persecuted same sex attracted people, thus demonstrating their peculiar hypocrisy. Most Christians (the JW brand and other brands) squeal like a speared pig when they suffer any treatment that they call persecution, but are always willing to persecute same sex attracted people (and anyone else that stands outside their narrow-minded vision of the world).

    Most same sex attracted people will testify that their romantic attraction to the same sex was not a clear cut choice, but was something they grew up with. (Gay by nature). But evidence that same sex attraction is an innate desire has not been clearly established. Now from the study of epigenetics comes this news, (I've selected the Science Daily version).

    Epigenetic algorithm accurately predicts male sexual orientation
    Date: October 8, 2015
    Source: American Society of Human Genetics
    Summary: An algorithm using epigenetic information from just nine regions of the human genome can predict the sexual orientation of males with up to 70 percent accuracy, according to new research. Beyond the genetic information contained in DNA, the researchers examined patterns of DNA methylation across the genome in pairs of identical male twins.
    Most readers of this site have a reasoned tolerance of same sex attraction. Only a few conflicted individuals seem willing to dispute that tolerance these days. They are usually dealt with swiftly, which is I suggest not the best way to deal with what is almost certainly a personal, inner conflict with their own same sex attraction.
    But whether tolerant or conflicted I think most will be interested in the process by which certain genetic information is used or not used as an individual develops to maturity.
    More information at:

  • truthseeker100
    I read about this a few days ago.If it weren't for that darn science. LOL. 70% accuracy prediction rate Eh? That must mean only 30% are able to accept the wise and loving council of Jehovah's Organization and retrain themselves to be heterosexual like normal people. LOL
  • cofty
    Early days and a lot more research is needed but it is an interesting development.
  • LisaRose

    This is very interesting. It's amazing they can predict with that much accuracy based on only one study, genetics is so fascinating. I wonder if further studies will allow them to get even more accurate or if there will always be some unknown factor that affects the outcome.

    So much for the idea that homosexuality is some kind of choice. Of course most gay people did not need a study to know that, but it's nice to have proof.

  • cofty
    Remember the effects of genes are not binary. There could be a genetic factor but still a spectrum of sexual orientation.
  • GrreatTeacher

    Very cool. Epigenetics opens up a whole new way of understanding genetics.

    Looking at identical twins with different sexual orientations is a great idea. Obviously their genes are the same! But some genes showed methylation, an epigenetic change, that happened to be very significant on 9 genes. As in nine! So, a great portion of their work was data analysis.

    Math is so important! Don't forget to brush your teeth, take your vitamins and do a little math everyday. :)

  • oppostate

    I imagine that if they can make this sort of predictions with 70% accuracy, in the future there may be judgments on whether to allow an embryo to live depending on the acceptability by a society of those who would grow up with such a likelihood of homosexual tendencies.

    Homosexuality is illegal in some parts of the world, even today, and practicing homosexuals are persecuted to the point of imprisonment, and even capital punishment.

    I find it quite frightening that a government could read your DNA and make judgments on you of this sort.

    Also if they could predict a person's sexual preference for pedophilia, can you imagine the chaotic discussions that would arise from such a development?

    What if they then try to "fix" someone's DNA to adapt it to an acceptable community sandard in a certain society? (Like under Muslim rule!)

    Wow! Science Fiction is becoming a reality and the future looks quite frightening in this regard.

  • GrreatTeacher
    Epigenetic changes happen over time in reaction to the environment, so a fetal genotype would give you no information in that regard.
  • rebel8
    I thought the term "same sex attraction" was invented by fundamentalists to emphasize their belief that it's just an attraction (feeling) and you don't have to act on it (sin).
  • fulltimestudent
    rebel8: I thought the term "same sex attraction" was invented by fundamentalists to emphasize their belief that it's just an attraction (feeling) and you don't have to act on it (sin).

    haha! I'm afraid rebel, that whatever word is used the funny old fundies, or whatever explanation for the phenomenon or behaviour is used, the fundies will attempt to offer a reason not to act on it.
    I know that some gay activists do not like the expression, "same sex attraction." I use it because I feel its the most descriptive expression to describe what is occurring.
    Whatever the cause, the fact is that a person (male of female) can feel an attraction to the same sex, and that's irrespective of whether or not they act on that feeling.
    On the same thought, does a genetic reason for same sex attraction mean that only people with that differential, have sex with people of the same sex? That's sort of the thinking today, is it not?
    And, it is also argued that the percentage of people who have that attraction is a minority of maybe 5 to 20%. And, using that concept then, how do we explain bisexuals.
    And what does explains cultures where most of the population have sex with the other people of the same sex. For example, in some Melanesian cultures, every boy on coming to maturity is penetrated by a more senior male.
    In ancient Greece, men got married to have a family, but to have an in-depth love affair, they would seek out another man for romance and love.
    In East Asia, the same thing. Professor Gary Leupp (Tufts U) in his exploring early modern Japanese archives, says he found so many cases of man-man sex that he describes it as normative.
    Maybe then there is a possibility that recreational same-sex sexual activity is the norm, and breeding opposite-sex sexual activity is the aberration. One thing is sure - most sexual acts between consenting adults are recreational (for fun) and not procreational. (for breeding)
    We have no way of knowing what ancient man, 10,000 years ago to 500,000 years ago did for sex. I very much doubt that the JW perception is anywhere near the truth.
    I'm sort of coming to the conclusion that its possible that without cultural taboos that steer our behaviour, people would feel free to have sex with anyone they liked and who returned the interest.

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