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  • Mac

    Happy Anniversary, Lyin & Turkey!!


  • imanaliento

    it was also Bad Jerry's birthday, but that didn't get posted either.

  • cruzanheart

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Dede, you look like a little doll, and your mom looks so very happy and proud of you. What a beautiful picture! And how wonderful to look at it from the perspective of 18 years of marriage. Hope you guys do something (or did something) really special. See you in LESS than two weeks!!!

    Also, I hope the kids are feeling better.



  • Valis

    Happy Anniversary Lyin and WT...two of my most favorite people....and you actually put up w/each other all this time...brangs a tera to me heart...


    District Overbeer

  • freedom96

    Happy anniversary! That is awesome!

  • scootergirl

    Happy Anniversary you two! I love the pictures........DeeDee, you like like beautiful china doll!

  • LyinEyes

    How sweet of you Denny,,,,,,,,,thanks for the Happy Anniversary , we did have a nice weekend.

    We are going to use the weekend in Dallas as our Anniversary get kids.

    I now how been with the man I love for as long as I was with my parents ,,,,, I was just 18 at the time we married,,,,,,,and it has been one hell of a ride thru all these years..... I mean that in a great way. There is nothing i would change about being married to you Denny. You are my rock and you are my best friend. You gave me a gift in the children we have, no matter what ,,,,they will be a little immortality of you and me. Having children together has been hard, having them so young, but they will always be just one part of the many, of our bond together.

    I look forward to the days, when they are grown and living their dreams out and we have grandkids,,,,,hopefully many many years from And then we can sit back in our rockers and talk like we do now, and remember all the things we went thru,,,,,, and laugh at our grandchildren and be the best grandparents in the world.

    We will travel , we will do the things we have not been able to do because of being JW's so long. All the time and missed opportunities will be ours to find.

    Thanks everyone for the replies, yall are so sweet.

    Just a note about that picture,,,,of our wedding,,,,,,,, I look like I was crying,,,,,, well I was,,,,,,and it wasnt happy tears of my wedding, although I was happy , the ceremony was all about Denny and me, but these pictures were taken after the wedding. Mom just got out of rehab and brought her boyfriend, Dad was there with the sister he cheated on my mom with,,,,and she sat in my families side!!

    I begged my parents on this one day to leave them at home........but they couldnt do it, I was so upset wtih them, and sad at the same time,,,,,I knew these would be our last pictures together , and I was so hurt . They did turn out to be the last pictures of my family together. I do have other pictures of us that are not of me with big teary this one was just too much I couldnt hold the tears back knowing how things would be.

    So ,,,,,,,,, I always tell everyone who is going to get married,,,,,,screw the family if they are divided and want to fight,,,,,,,, let your wedding day be about you and the one you are marrying,,,,,, run off to Las Vegas and have the time of your life!!!!

    Craig and Katie have inspired me to do just that,,,,,,,,,,,, to renew the vows I made with Denny so long ago,,,,,,,,,this time there will be no one there but us two......and I guareentee there will be no one there to take away from my dad ever again.

    We both say that if anything good came out of being JW, was that we found each other because of it.

  • SheilaM

    Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!! to you both....

    IT would have been prettier but I can't figure this damn new forum out LOL

  • animal

    We doing the ceremony in dallas? Remember.. I did a wedding last summer..... and would gladly wear my tux-tshirt for this one.


  • WildTurkey

    Thanks everyone! Hey animal there is an idea, Dede and I can get married agian and have all yall there.

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