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  • BoogerMan

    June 2024 Study Watchtower p. 3, par. 5 - "He promises to make “a covenant of peace with them.” That prophecy points to a time when those who have a heavenly hope and those who have an earthly hope will be united under his figurative tent as “one flock.” (John 10:16) That time is now!"

    I thought the Bible said there was only "one hope...one faith." (Ephesians 4:4-6)

    June 2024 Study Watchtower p. 3, par. 5 p. 10 par. 6 - "He will reward us with eternal friendship “if we do not tire out.”

    Not son-ship?

    June 2024 Study Watchtower p. 12 par. 14 - "Hence, we should reject only those whom Jehovah finds “contemptible.” This includes those who...disrespect our....beliefs."

    So if anyone points out some of the JW false teachings, Jehovah - God Almighty thinks such people are “contemptible?”

    I challenge anyone to count the the number of times "Jehovah" is mentioned throughout this issue. I've never seen any publication saturated with it like this!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Jehovah is/means the WTcorporation. GB,, KHs,,elders etc,etc...

    In the $heeples minds "Jehovah" is always there. Like an illusion because to the $heeples ""Jehovah" really means the above things because it implies the same thing.

    The Borg twists things in order to make something or different things to seem like one thing. Or something that is not there,,,they can convince otherwise.

    Like a concept. To believe something convuluted or made up.

    Thats just my observations

  • Yomama

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