Losing job todays WT

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The losing jobs and having poor health will be applied for sure in whatever meeting is held.

    But I wonder if anyone will connect the middle aged man losing his job and the old and the sick with the way bethelites are treated.

  • Wakanda

    I will mention it! Thanks!

    It is weird how the mtgs make my thinking turn to mush and I sometimes miss really good points(counter points, I mean).

  • ToesUp

    My spouse lost his job during the middle of the last recession. It was tough. Thank goodness we did not have a lot of debt and kept our expenses down. Besides our service conductor, not one of the Elders , during that time, gave a crap. Not one! When we started our fade, one of the Elders came by our house, his only concern was what congregation we were going to. He never asked my spouse if he ever got another job. Then we bumped into another Elder from our KH. All he spoke about was himself. We waited and waited for him to ask if my spouse ever received another job or how our children were doing. Nope. I don't think they will give two hoots about anyone else but themselves. This comes from the top down. As long as they are taken care of, they could care less about others.

  • eyeuse2badub

    It will be interesting to see how many parasites lose their cushy positions at Warwick and Paterson and the other branch facilities. Less meetings, less assemblies, less conventions=less money! Too many mouths to feed at the branch so bye bye!

    just saying!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    As this crisis goes from fighting the virus to a very, very deep recession I can see the contribution going down the tubes for the wt. Some Congregation may not have the money to pay any money to the borg. Then what? Kick everyone out lower expectations of cash flow or dip into their billions in off shore accounts.

    This will not end the borg but it could cut into the numbers by those leaving. We can only hope so. Still Totally ADD

  • LongHairGal


    You might be right about more being let go at some point from Warwick, Patterson and other branch facilities.

    The sad part (for them) about this happening YET again - is that with the continued sell-off of kingdom halls - they might not have a physical congregation to go back TO..This means no warm bodies for brothers to slither up to with an envelope to give contributions for these newer ‘needy’.

    This is all looking bad for people at these facilities who expected to be there for life - and will be sent home into a worse world than what was faced by their predecessors who were let go a decade or so ago!

  • Wakanda

    OMG I forgot. Need to bring it up later.

  • WTWizard

    And I hope people donate precisely what they deserve. Which is nothing.

    I don't care where you work, or if you work--even those with jobs that are deemed "essential" (and this includes first responders, road construction crews, supermarket and pharmacy workers, and utility crews). You are wasting money if you donate anything to any church, synagogue, or mosque. And this goes long past this crisis. I, for one, will not be donating anything to these parasites that are worse than the coronavirus they are yakking about.

    And no, they do not give a f*** how you are doing. They care about getting all the energy for joke-hova so it can turn this virus thing into global communism. (And your money, so you can live a soul-destroying life of austerity.) They would rather take all your supplies for themselves than see if you need anything. (Of course, I doubt they would understand my responses if they tried that with me.)

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