Have you been punished for testifying in court?

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  • lilacs4everr

    On the official WT website, under media, there is a statement that says no sanctions are taken against any member of the congregation who reports abuse to the authorities. Well, guess what? A member of my family made a statement to a judge in regards to an abuse case and immediately had his privileges taken away from him. He is now a servant in name only. Just waiting for the official ax to fall.... Anyway, has this happened to any of you? Gone to court to get police protection/assistance because of abuse and ended up being punished for it? I'd love to hear your stories. Lilac

  • crinklestein

    There has to be something that can be done against the elders for that. Something Legal. If not then a good egging on their service vehicle should do nicely.

  • AlanF

    Lilacs, please email me about this. It may be very important.

    [email protected]


  • Tatiana

    Lilacs.....I'm so sorry to hear this. But, it's typical of the double-talk.

    The only example I have is when I was raped. It was "suggested" that if I went to trial, it might bring shame on Jehovah's name. SInce I didn't actually scream like hell with a gun to my head. I was in the woods about 15 miles from any house or human being.

    My mother actually told me she'd have to consult the brothers before she could let me know if she'd be at the trial. She did end up coming, but for some reason, it didn't mean very much then.

    I agree, there has to be something you can do. This sucks!!!!!



  • Stephanus

    Sounds to me like "Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice" or some crime along those lines. More of this kind of stuff happening may well be the undoing of the WT. At this rate their arrogance may well receive its just rewards.

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