Demonstrate Trust In Jehovah By Trusting The Faithful Slave & The Elders

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  • archangel01

    How do you edit your post on this

  • zev

    also, don't speak dagainst the fds either.


    listen to it from a d.c. two years ago when i was still "in".

    the was my last d.c. coulnd take any more after this.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    [brown] In light of their prophecies - jehovah doesn't trust them - so don't trust them - pretty basic.

    Don't even have to go into their ideas. [/brown]

  • zev

    here is the correct link

    how do you edit your posts now?

  • anti-absolutism

    Someone said to me the other day that, "In order to belong, you have to let someone own you."

    While this person was a pastor, I took it simply as advice on how to be better at sharing thoughts and emotions with other humans. Give enough love to other human beings so that they can OWN your feelings and then the love is reciprocated.

    Unfortunately, it seems that JW's take this in-bred human nature 'to belong' and blow it away out of proportion, for they give their entire SPIRITUAL being over to these men who profess to bring them closer to God.

    A very unfortunate thing, since ultimately they have their desire to be spiritual, STOLEN from them. Whether it is intentional or not is irrelevant. A person doesn't ask a thief to come in and steal their earthly possessions and yet the vast majority of JW's are doing just that to these SPRITUAL thieves.

    Just my two cents. Brad

  • plmkrzy

    The March 1,2003 Wt. states: "Trusting in Jehovah means trusting those whom he trusts.

    So what exactly does the GB say to Jehovah when they dfp one? Do they take Jehovah aside, have a little talk with him and explain it?

    And after something like that happen's, we are supposed to consider that "different"? as in "Oh well, that's different" That was just a test.

    And the reason Jesus wasn't fooled was because Satan always wore a test pattern on his face.

  • ozziepost

    When we were parents of young children, we would say "Do as you're told, or else!"

    The WTS adopts similar words to its "children", the R&F.


  • shera

    Dustrabbit ;)

    Hillary step....I like the way you explaine yourself.(very well with words)

  • minimus

    I can understand not trusting the faithful & discreet slave, but why wouldn't anyone trust the elders???

  • Number 6
    Number 6

    "Trusting in Jehovah means trusting those whom he trusts"

    Indeed! How so! Why does trusting in the creator of the universe automatically equate to trusting in a man made earthy organisation? This is nothing other than a bare assertion by the writer of this article to get us off to a false start.

    "For example, Jehovah has arranged for 'the faithful and discreet slave' to care for the earthly Kingdom interests"

    Again a bare assertion. This is based on nothing other than a very loose interpretation of one passage of scripture which may or may not mean many things.

    "We do not try to go it alone"

    We? Who is this 'we'. Again by the use of the third person they tie every reader in with the writer so that they are left with no choice but to go along with the writer of the article.

    "for we trust Jehovah's arrangement"

    Arrangement? What arrangement? Now they claim by another assertion that this 'faithful slave' has an arrangement with the creator of the universe! Sounds very one sided this arrangement.

    :"Jehovah gives us sound counsel through his Word and through his organization, using the publications provided by the faithful and discreet slave"

    What self serving arrogance. 'and through his organisation' Sorry did I miss something? Where does this organisation come from? By just stringing this phrase on to the end of the sentence we are supposed without thinking to link the advice of a respected book thousands of years old with the inane twaddle printed by the Watchtower Society. This manufactured 'slave' now speaks on behalf of God by the means of a printshop in Brooklyn. I wonder what God has to say about this. Again at face value we are all to accept the arguement that god is using an or organisation to tell us all how to be holy through magazines and books.

    This is just a few things that stuck out a mile to me whilst reading that one paragraph critically and using my own head. Imagine the brain dead dubs at the Kingdom Hall studying this crap. Smiling placidly whilst the real meaning of what's being said goes right over their heads. The arguement that God (whether or not one accepts his existance) is using an earthly channel is a one sided arguement. There is no burden of proof on the claimant because the do nothing more than assert that they are God's channel.

    And yet people's very lives are affected daily by the outpourings of this 'slave'

    It is indeed a cult.


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