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  • battman

    >Subject: Apology to China
    >We're sorry that you don't train your fighter pilots better. As a token of
    >our apology, here's a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.
    >We're sorry that your front-line fighter planes can't outmaneuver a 35year
    >old prop-driven airliner. Perhaps you'd like to consider purchasing some
    >surplus 1950's era Lockheed Starfighters from Taiwan. (Who just replaced
    >all theirs with shiny new F-16's)
    >We're sorry that you believe your territorial waters extend all the way to
    >Australia. For future reference, here's an American 6th grade geography
    >textbook. (Please take note of the Copyright information printed inside the
    >We're sorry that you can't seem to see your part of this incident. We know
    >that it may seem easier to blame others than to take responsibility.
    >Consider this while we build several new Aegis destroyers for our friends
    >in the Republic of China (Taiwan).
    >We're especially sorry for treating you with such respect for the last 20
    >years. We'll definitely rethink this policy, and will probably go back to
    >treating you like a common untrustworthy street gang very soon.
    >We're very sorry for ever granting you Most-Favored-Nation trading status.
    >This will be rectified at the soonest possible opportunity.

  • mommy

    I didn't really pay attention to the Japanese crisis too much. But what I heard this is too funny. Thanks for posting it, you made me smile
    I also wanted to say, thanks for sticking around. Yes, I remember when you entered the board How could I ever forget my son's face when I told him I talked to Battman! Thanks for all your posts I enjoy reading them.

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