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  • venus

    Hi WhatshallIcallmyself,

    You mean to say if one unscrupulous student manages to get a degree using some foul means, that would automatically discredit the degree of all students in the world who earned it through their hard work?

  • _Morpheus

    She didnt work for a degree. She stood on the backs of the poorest people to elevate herself. You see nothing. You know nothing.

    Id ask if you have somewhere eless to go be stupid but we already know the answer that....

  • venus

    Hi _Morpheus

    You are free to agree with her critics.

    My point was to highlight the fact that Mother Teresa was like any other women, but was behaving differently from them. When someone gifted her a luxurious car, it did not make her feel good about it as women often do. She put it for auction. A very rich man purchased it giving her a price 100 times more than its actual price which she donated it to her Charitable Trust.

  • cofty

    Mother Teresa was an odious hag.

  • punkofnice
    Venus - I find three categories of people according to the way they display their human qualities—(1) more than humans, (2) less than humans and (3) mixed in those qualities in varying degrees.

    You know some pretty weird people. All the ones I know are just people.

  • venus

    I have a subtle approach in this matter; hence I perceive in her an inner beauty I really feel jealous of. As many others she too had doubt about God (in which case she is equal to others), yet could choose a life of benevolence. ( It means she had a practical psychology that tells her: If God exists, what I do would well be received by Him; if He doesn’t exist, still it is good because I lead a life that brings benefit to my fellow creatures. In either case, she was not a loser.

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