Another Kim Davis inspired self-invented "gay issue"

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  • GrreatTeacher

    We're asking you to up your game You're a poster who has discussions and contributes.

    What we are pushing you to do is improve your logic and rhetoric. If you come to a conclusion based off of faultyl logic, a poorly thought out argument or even untrue facts, then your powers of convincing others are weak.

    You can do better. If I didn't think you were capable of it, I wouldn't be interacting with you at all.

    I had difficulty making a coherent argument when I first began posting here and I was called out. In a factual way and without a lot of cheerleading. But, I kept listening and learning.

    Learning about logical fallacies helped me clean up my rhetoric to make better arguments.

    We're not trying to be nasty. We're pointing out where you can improve. If I thought it all would go over your head, I wouldn't bother.

    I believe if you researched common Logical Fallacies, you would improve your arguments very quickly. Best of luck!

  • kaik

    ReligionOfHatred. In Europe I never encountered anyone who would ever claim that A.H was atheist. In schools and media we were taught that he believed in his own version of God and Providence, and particularly disliked OT God as to be Jewish invention. Hitler was rather very religious, but it is more or less American invention to label him as atheist. It is only in USA when people associate him and his regime as atheistic. Stalin was probably religious, so did Khrushchev. Stalin suppose to be priest and had good understanding how religion can lead masses. His version of communism was modified religious movement. It had its saints, founders, mummy to worship, cult of personality.

    When Hitler met with Stalin...

    I am not aware that both dictators had ever met. I have read a lot of articles they tried to prove to do so, and they closest the research anyone had done seemed to point out that they may have met within Lviv area on the train for brief congratulation on destruction of Poland in October 1939 (Published by Edvard Radzinsky's biography Stalin, claiming that it happened in October 18, 1939). Either way, there is no definitive proof that both ever met face to face, but it is possible that they may run into each other in 1913, when they lived in Vienna (

    Churches through its history were very selective on what disease deserved pity and support and what disease was seen as a punishment for sin and the victims were treated as they deserved. Typical issue is leprosy which was seen as a holy disease by Catholic church and its victims were cared of. People who got syphilis were treated with disgust as a sinner who deserved to suffer and die. This was going on until invention of salvarsan and later penicillin. Churches throughout Europe and later Northern America were refusing even burial for these victims. There was no mercy nor compassion. HIV in 1980-2015 is on the same spotlight as disease of the sinners by much of the christian community as was syphilis two centuries earlier.

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    "Sorry, I struggle to concern myself with someone who's argument boils down to "can't make a complete sentence"."

    "whose" would make your own sentence look better

  • Viviane
    "whose" would make your own sentence look better

    It sure would. Are you suggesting something I missed, should I perhaps have also said something about proper capitalization and punctuation?

  • Viviane

    American Fundamentalism is a recent invention, and one born of lack of education, misunderstanding and the passionate defense of those by making up easily disproven "facts" and literally distrusting education.

    Any argument based on that is bound to be pure derp.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "What is it about some of these self proclaimed 'Christians' who go seeking persecution when it don't exist?"

    I've long suspected that those types are - deep down - feeling a degree of existential anxiety, related to the bits in the Gospels where Jesus said his "true" followers would be persecuted.

    That simply doesn't happen in parts of the world where Christianity is a majority religion; a reality which could cause a fair degree of cog-dis (if one thought too much about it), resulting in an urge to behave in a manner that causes "persecution", in order to ease the doubts.

  • kaik

    American Fundamentalism is a recent invention, and one born of lack of education, misunderstanding and the passionate defense of those by making up easily disproven "facts" and literally distrusting education.

    Yes, it is. It been around for over 100 years, and it was a reaction on increasing secularization of American masses, social issues on Gilded Age, and mostly it was anti-Catholic as immigration from Italy, southern Germany, Poland, and Austria-Hungary was diluting Protestant majority in late 19th century USA.

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