Why, Why, Why did God create such a difference between Jews and Gentile....?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Thanks again Calebin.....
  • Giordano

    Every god that we know about looks like, sounds like and supports the tradition of the culture that invented them. Every god that we know about apparently has no knowledge of science or any reason to tell us how real stuff happens. The gods are as dumb as the people who invented or evolved them.

    Stuff happens is as close as a religion will go.

    Because mankind has the desire to know why stuff happens we invent a god and some form of organized religion as a place holder until a better explanation......... something provable.........comes along.

    We now live in an information age that allows people to replace religion and the gods that many spent their lives believing in.

    The question is not...... is god dead....... but how many gods have died over the past centuries? A bunch.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    The question is not...is god dead, but why and who killed him...
  • CalebInFloroda


    Aren't some of these points a little bit too simplistic to apply universally?

    For example, why would a Jew want to still identify as Jew and hold onto their tradition and religion after the Holocaust? Isn't the perfect example of there being no god the genocide of a people who are supposed to be G-d's people?

    Is it really just stupidity, superstition, fear, or a desire to know "why"? Judaism, for example, is famous for being a religion that never gives the answer to "why" (take for instance the Book of Job or the ending to the Book of Jonah). There are countless Jewish jokes and parables about rabbis who, when asked to answer ultimate questions, end up asking even bigger ones in the end. Jews claim little enlightenment from their covenant G-d who, according to tradition, often has to be argued with to get the slivers of truth that G-d does up (if any). How does a religion that doesn't provide answers to why stuff happens come about?

    This isn't meant to challenge your views or points raised, not directly per se. You make a lot of sense in your post, and it is quite applicable in many situations. But it is not all-embracing. Religious beliefs and traditions are far more complex than the "want-need-pray" model famous in Western societies. There are many which ask adherents to expect nothing now and in the future (Buddhism being one of the most famous of these) and are even godless, so it is difficult to claim one theory as a panacea.

  • Syme

    I'm not a believer anymore, but back when I was, I would have given you this answer:

    God did not choose the Jews as a people, discriminating all other peoples. God chose Abraham, a person, not a people. And he chose him because of Abraham's qualities as a person. He made a covenant with Abraham as a person, which covered his (non-born yet) descendants. So, God was 'compelled' to stick with Abraham's descendants, due to His friendship with Abraham, not because Jews were superior in any way to other nations.

    Of course, that applies if you still believe in the Abrahamic deity.

  • paradisebeauty

    It was important to have a pure adn for the appearance of Messiah, and the law covenant was a mirror of the new covenant.

    Through Jesus there is no difference.

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