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    A woman wants to get a gift for her husband, and thinks that a pet would be a great idea. So she goes to the Pet shop and asks the clerk for ideas. He shows her a talking parrot. "Its very beautiful" she says, "but I think all the talking would drive us mad after awhile". So the clerk shows her a monkey. "I'll take it!" she says. But after the clerk explains all the work invovled in care, she changes her mind. The clerk takes her to the last option- a frog. She looks unimpressed. "Ya, I know, but this is no ordinary frog" says the clerk. "Its got special skills."

    "What do you mean?" queeries the lady.

    "well..." says the clerk, looking around haltingly, "its really good at giving felatio."

    "What!?!" yells the lady. But being fresh out of options, she considers it. Its easy to care for, cheap, and might even give her a break from certain unpleasantries. "What the hell, I'll take it".

    So she gets it home. Its a big success, the husband loves the thoughtfulness. And yes, he even desides to give the 'special skills' a try. Works like a charm every night. Then, the third night, the lady wakes up to the sound of pots and pans crashing around in the kitchen. She goes down to find the husband and the frog in the kitchen, everything a mess. "What happened!?" she asks.

    The husband answers "If I can teach this frog how to cook, your ass is out of here!"

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