Have I Stumbled upon JR Brown's Day Job?

by Stephanus 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stephanus

    Note the photograph of "J. Brown":


  • Stephanus

    Well I thought it was amusing. Obviously it wasn't to you "glorious ones" - get stuffed, the lot of you!

    Pigs' intestines are too good for you!

  • NewLight2

    I don't see "J. Brown" mentioned on the link you gave. Sorry.


  • Stephanus

    Try the bit that says "J. Brown and Chitlin Expert Shauna!"...

  • think41self


    Geez, give someone a few minutes, will ya? It was funny, ok?

    Now get your ass back in there and get us some more WT and Awake covers!!!


  • Francois


    Do y'all eat chittlin's down under? Personally, I have never had the honor, even though I live deeeeep in chitlin' territory over here in the American South. I might be induced to try 'em if I could hook one end of 'em up to a fire hydrant and turn it on full force for about a week and then start cleanin' 'em real good after that, I might try.

    I have been down wind of a chitlin' fry, as they call it over here. Smells for the world like somone is frying pig guts with excrement. Wonder why?


  • Stephanus

    A definition which seems to agree with yours, Franc:

    Chitterlings is the formal name, but most folks call em Chitlins. And, if you know about chitlins, well there is nothing formal about them. They are the large intestines of a pig. As such, they possess a distinct, er aroma when you cook them. Some people turn up their noses (literally and figuratively) at the mention of chitlins. They are a food that most people either love or hate.

    From: http://www.moo-oink.com/ChitlinHistory.htm

    No Francois, we don't have a culture of eating chitlins here. I saw an old episode of Floyd's American Pie recently where he cooked some chitlins for a black pastor in Memphis. Floyd himself said he'd eaten them growing up in rural England. But he never defined what they were. So, while looking for a definition I found Shauna's page and that pic of J Brown...

  • Robdar

    Hilarious, Steph.

    Thank you for giving me something to laff about.

    Love ya,


  • zev

    jr brown and pig anus.....

    seems a fine match to me.....

  • Stephanus

    LOL @ Pig's anus!

    "Pig's rectum" is probably more correct in the technical sense but your comparison to JR Brown is priceless, Zev!

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