Just saw 'Gladiator' - WOW

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  • DanTheMan

    I know it's a few years old now, but I've just gotten around to seeing it. What an incredible movie, one of the best, if not THE best movie I've ever seen. Russell Crowe is DA MAN!!!!

    Borg JW's who refuse to see rated R movies are missing a great one. Guess they'll have to rent Scooby Doo the Movie and Dude Where's My Car?

    I remember seeing Amistad a few years back and wanting so much to recommend it to my JW brethren, but I couldn't because it was rated R and all. Of course a JW apologist will say there's no rule against rated R movies. Yeah, whatever...

  • cruzanheart

    Agreed. That is an awesome movie, very powerful and well done. Interesting thing I've noticed about the JWs -- in England, where the rating system is different than ours, the JWs are much more liberal about what they watch. I remember one elder enthusiastically recommending "The Full Monty" to us, which made us laugh even harder when we finally got around to watching it. The elders in our congregation would have rolled over and died over that one!


  • seawolf

    yeah my hall was/is a big "no 'R' movies'" hall. The people I know in England went to see Terminator 2, Air Force One, etc at the theaters...the elders and everyone were going! haha I thought one of the things they preached was that God's laws are consistent? I guess just not when it comes to movies eh? It's one of the things I thought was pretty stupid. Either it's ok for people in the US and England to see or not ok. LOL I make up my own mind now.

    I still haven't seen Gladiator.....I have it but just never watched it. Looks like I'll have to watch it this weekend.

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  • GermanXJW

    I remember speaking of "Schindler's List" on a JW mailing-list, I got eMail not to promote this movie becaue it was R-Rated and JW in the US would not watch it.

    Well, later even the WTS mentioned "Schindler's List" because Spielberg financed his Shoa-Foundation with this movie. The Shoa Foundation also interviewed some JW survivors from Nazi-Germany.

  • DanTheMan

    Interesting comments - I always had a feeling that JWism in European countries was maybe a little more relaxed then here in the States.

    Seawolf, prepare yourself for a seriously intense movie experience.

  • neyank

    I saw Gladiator a couple of times.

    Excelent movie. Russell Crow is a good actor.

    However, I grew up watching the diferent gladiator type movies.

    With Kirk Douglas and other top name actors.

    The old ones in my opinion are just as good.

    Problem is, they're in black and white.


  • OrbitingTheSun

    Gladiator is a great film, one of my favorites.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I remember years ago there was a bit of a stir in our cong because some of the sisters went to see "Ryans Daughter". Apparently a few went to see it, then a few more and some of them were going for second and third viewings in groups of sisters. I think the brothers might have been concerned because it was a film about a woman who has an affair with a terribly young and handsome man, seeing him while her crusty husband is hard at work at the office.

  • Debz

    Gladiator is one of my very favourite movies too!

  • heathen

    I think gladiator had to have been one of the best films of the 20th century. Great movie and very realistic with computer graphics . Thumbs way up over here. I don't give a flip what the org. says about it .

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