Who am I to screw up their happiness?

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  • Crazyguy
    That was the question to me tonight. Because of their beliefs they have a moral compass, a net work of friends and a support group. They have what they believe is a loving God. So who am I to try to take that away? These are good questions, your thoughts please, because I too have thought this way and still do. Who am I, and is it worth it? Would I be better off for my family just to try to make them better Christians then to try to wake them up to the fact that it's all a lie? I just don't know any more?
  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Would I be better off for my family just to try to make them better Christians then to try to wake them up to the fact that it's all a lie?

    You don't need to 'make' anybody into anything.

    I'm not having a go at you, you understand? I am just making an observation on your thought process.

    We don't need to change anyone's thinking. We just speak the truth as we know it, based on our knowledge of the Bible and the world.

    If people get distressed when we tell them things that are true, that is their problem.

    Or perhaps I should say: 'that is the problem with their culture , the JW culture which ignores reality and even the Bible itself'.

  • menrov

    I was asked more or less the same question by my partner. My reply :because that is exactly what JWs are doing when they go door to door to tell people that their religion is wrong and that their lives are at stake. Every time they call a.door it could be an effort to change people regardless if that person is happy with his / her lifestyle or religion.

  • Illuminated

    It's not simply a matter of a belief system as we're talking about intentional mind control here. The way a pedophile operates is very similar to the leaders of the WTS. The cult itself carries the same tone of grooming/promising all sorts of great things, gaining power over the victim(s), abusing, then denying and placing the fault onto the victim. You're family is literally being abused and conned.

    Is their moral compass that weak that they need to be lied to and threatened with the illusion of "Armageddon" in order to behave? Come hang out with me, I'll introduce you to many great people from all walks of life and belief systems, including Atheists and you'll get a real taste of moral compass. I am not an Atheist, yet based on experience I've found Atheists to have the greatest set of morals and they have nothing to gain.

  • galaxie
    If they (jws) find happines in the belief that billions of people will be slaughtered because they have not 'lived' their governing body aka faithful discreet slave influenced idea of gods demands of submission, they deserve every attack that they have coming. I exlude however those who unfortunately especially older ones who may suffer from a health condition that would make it inappropriate to try to dissuade them as their reasoning ability is compromised... its a fine line I have to be tactful of in my own personal circumstances.
  • smiddy


    So what you are saying , is , if a J.W , or anybody else for that matter chooses to bury his/ her head in the sand , or up their ass ,ignoring facts ,truths undeniable ,evidence ,then let them be ,.they are happy in their ignorance , who are we to upset them .?

    My wife has a similar thought to you. , even though she now does not believe in a God .

    However my thoughts are : If you believe the W.T.`s interpretation of the blood doctrine , you could be letting a loved one die, child ,or spouse , because of a JW interpretation of scripture .

    Should these people not be told the truth ? about the first interpretations of scripture by the W.T.? and their subsequent adjustments , including FRACTIONS that are now allowed of blood that is donated by worldly people ? ( hypocricy ) Many people died before these new directives were issued , children and , adults

    Many lives would have been saved if those people had the new light that J.W.`s now believe in.

    In other words those people died needlessly.

    Who am I to screw up their happiness ? You will be a saviour to these people , that`s who.


  • OneEyedJoe

    It's not your fault that they're living in delusion. The pain of waking up is not caused by the information that causes the awakening, the pain is because of the delusion that was previously entertained.

    Who are you to bring an end to their delusion? I would ask the inverse question instead - who are you to withhold evidence that they are staking (and wasting) their lives on the lies of a cult?

    Just because this cult bases it's lies on a twisting of biblical scripture doesn't make it's control over the lives of JWs any more justified than Scientology's control over the lives of it's adherents. Yes they teach a semblance of a moral code, but how great are the morals that JWs are taught? I think just about everyone, regardless of their cultural upbringing gets the basics pretty much instinctively: don't steal, murder, rape, etc. Let's look at the morals that JWs teach that won't come to them naturally. They're taught that a person's privately held beliefs are grounds for emotionally manipulative behavior designed to force that person to change their beliefs. They're taught to fear, distrust, and invalidate the rights of homosexuals. They're taught to feel shame due to their normal sexual impulses. They're taught to judge everyone they meet based on the arbitrary (and I would argue, damaging) rules made by the watchtower society. The list could go on nearly forever. The JW moral code is not something to be put on a pedestal. In fact, one could argue that having a moral code prescribed by a third party does little but discourage a person from devoting thought to how best to live in society in such a way that it is bettered by their presence. An absence of an imposed moral compass can leave someone a better person because they have to put thought into it themselves and thus they're more invested in their moral decisions.

    You also cite the community that they have... Sure maybe waking up will cause some loss there, and it's difficult to rebuild, but they will become a part of a community roughly 1000 times larger. They'll be free to chose their own community based on who they like, not based on who professes to hold the beliefs as published by a man-made cult.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Your reasoning is perhaps OK as it applies to most JWs. However, what about the young and talented kids that have all of their potential shot down as they serve the Holy WT? Young people that could have been doctors, nurses, engineers, and many other professions that would have benefited society, as well as themselves and their families, are instead subjected to the endless mind control techniques and end up wasting their lives serving a false promise.


  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Older people, leaving them alone. Younger people, get them out and protect them.
  • clarity

    The watchtower is not a 'Sunday school' class. It is a dangerous CULT!

    Children are taught to be compliant & obedient ....and being raped & tortured by the very ones teaching them! Shunning is a killer practice .....thousands of suicides & premature death due to the extreme stress caused by loss of family. Thousands are sacrificed on wt's alter of "let them bleed out" doctrine. Do not replace any of that red liquid that could save them.

    Oh silly me ...... maybe I shouldn't mention those hidden things ....don't want to rock the boat! Oh ya ...and all those old people .......don't tell them either .......NOT! All people (including the elderly) need facts not myths.

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