What would we have done?

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  • freedom96

    Paradise. That is what we lived for, taught, as witnesses. But, had that day come, what the hell would we have done?

    No more door to door work. No more talks about it, nor reading magazines and books telling us to go out and do more.

    Would there have been meetings? Who would the public talk have been for? Now that there was no more service, what use would the service meeting be?

    Would we still have to do personal study?

    Chances are we would still have to worry about our fellow witnesses. There would still be imperfection for another 1,000 years, and many of our fellow brothers and sisters might become worldly between now and then.

    Oh, thats right. We would have to teach the good news to all the resurrected ones. But then, how could you tell the difference? How would you know if they were a brother or not? Seems like it might become a worldly place to live in.

    And then think about all the gossip, about how after the 1,000 years, and the big test when Satan gets out. Oh, brother so in so, never got the truth in his heart. Satan got to him.

    What about after that when everyone would be perfect, and all servents of Jehovah. Then what? Would we still have gotten together for bible games, to keep our theocratic thoughts pure?

    Would we still have to be chaparoned on dates? We would be perfect then.

    Has this been thought through? Do the witnesses really have all the answers?


    Hi Freedom96.

    Good question. As I read through your posted topic, my mind got to wondering.

    I had forgotten (thankfully) that 'after 1000 years' Satan would be let lose.

    LIKE WHAT THE @&$%?

    Never enough. Test, test, test and more tests. Imperfect or perfect, you can not please this Jehovah being, can you? That used to irk me, and bothered me to bits while I was a practicing Jehovah's Witness.

    So...you make it through the Great Defibrulation, Autogeddon, and no doubt given our propensity for janitorial work/cleaning, that's what we'd be doing. 1000 years of sweeping and moping. Jeez Louise.

    Theocratic life in the New System. We'd end up being perfectly bored to tears. Satan coming out of his abyss, would be at least: interesting.

    I don't think we'd do anything, because none of it is true, nor will it ever happen. But, I think your post Freedom, is a good one. Makes you think, doesn't it?

    1000 years of cleaning, theocratic this-that- and the other thing - then be TESTED again!?!? GET ME OUTTA HERE!

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  • joelbear

    I wanted to see the whole world. Visit families, stay long enough to really get to know them. Enjoy their homes, their hobbies, their foods, their memories.

    Learn to play all the musical instruments.

    Study all natural phenomenon.

    What I would have done with the next 100,000 years I don't know. Take up knitting?

  • Wolfgirl

    I wanted to do stuff with the animals. I volunteered for wildlife education programs all the time when I lived in the US, and the thought of working/being around all those wild animals all the time made me happy. But I did sort of wonder how we would manage to keep our brains occupied through eternity, especially if interests like space travel, etc., were gone.

  • Carmel


    What brains? the robot zombies that would be there would have to have everything programed for them lest they be accused of "independent thinking"!


  • caligirl

    It was never a pleasant prospect as far as I was concerned. It was boring enough hanging out with those people a few hours a week! An eternity with them would have been hell, not paradise! Thankfully, we all came to our senses and enjoy our life now instead of postponing all pleasure and happiness to some fictional place in the future.

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