The internet, really a good place for information?

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  • sleepy

    Is the internet really a good place to find information?A lot of people have learnt the truth about jehovahs witnesses through the internet, via web sites that proclaim to expose the truth about them.

    But is the internet a safe place to gather information on important subjects?grated its very easy to find what you are looking for most of the time,but just how trust worthy is the information found within?Often when I look at sites that discuss subject I have a good knowledge of there is a lot of nonsense talked by people who havent got a clue but just want to have a is not always easy for the "novice" to determine who is the "expert" and who is not.

    The Internet suffers from this problem more than say books, because it is so easy for just anyone to write what they want, whereas to make a book you have to go through a lot of effort and it will have been read and checked by other people.

    I tend to treat the internet like I treat people.I only listen if people can give a good explaination as to what they are saying or believe, if none is provided I will ignore the information whethr it is correct or not as there is no basis for me to trust it.

    So in order to give good information we must always try to explain why we belive something to be the case.

    Dont just trust what you read (most people dont anyway)always look for the reasons why, and think of counter arguments , only then except what is writen and still be a little sceptical.

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    You really hit the nail on the head with this one, for me at any rate.

    There are some subjects (very few) that I know inside out and often find total rubbish given on some web sites about them. Unfortunately some people read these web sites and believe totally 100 per cent what they see. They then repeat the information to others and before long it becomes established fact. I know because Ive seen it on this Board.

    There is only one way to use information found on the web and that is with caution. Look at the author or originator and find out all about him and what his agenda might be. Look for other sources of the same information and compare it. Then make up your own mind based on the most likely scenario from all the information that you have. Finally if it boils down to opinion that cannot be established by the facts, always present it as such when telling others.

    Obviously when facts and figures are presented by an established and competent body or authority, you have to take them seriously.

    As far as the Watch Tower Society are concerned, I do not believe that they are solely worried about their members looking at apostate sites. Unless someone is already on their way out this is not very likely to happen. What is a major concern for them is the fact that authoritative bodies such as the U.N., Inland Revenue (I.R.S.) and Charity Commission Local Authorities etc.etc.etc. These freely publish information on the net that the Society would much rather nobody knew about because it gives the lie to the things they publish themselves.

    This is easily spotted by their members who have a legitimate right to be viewing the information. They then start to have doubts and might just peek at an apostate site to check things out. It is not the apostate site that starts the rot, in my opinion it is all the legitimate information sites that bother them the most.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    It's just like with anything else: discretion should be used.

    You'll also find that when you go to a party, there are plenty of people who know nothing about a lot of things, others who know a little something about a few things, and even others who know lots of things about a lot of things! Everyone has an opinion, and not all are necessarily right. I think common sense comes in handy at that point. That, and the little saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

    Country Girl

  • garybuss

    The most unreliable information I ever got in my life was from books and magazines and the most dishonest entity I have even dealt with was a book publishing corporation.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    It's our responsibility to check and double check. It's really no different than going to other doctors and getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc, opinion. This applies to attorneys as well. Nothing like asking questions.

    Guest 77

  • gumby

    I have found that the ONLY reliable information that exists in the a the bible.

    Since god inspired must be reliable. You don't even need to re-search or doubt anything it says. ( gumby being a smartass )

    Sleepy, you are correct that there is much garbage on the net. There is garbage in books, conversations, and all other information. As you said it all has to be weighed out, and checked out......and yet,

    checking out other sources that agree with other sources proves nothing.......( see christian apologists )

    The bottom line is........we believe in what makes sense to us.


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    Is the internet really a good place to find information?

    I guess it all depends on what one means by "information". True and factual information? Useful information? Or just someone's groundless perceptions? Sincere or otherwise. To me, it's kinda like this huge supermarket. There are aisles and aisles of stuff! Most everything is packaged so as to look nourishing and/or tasty. Some of it is, some of it isn't! You have to look close and read the fine print and, even then, it might be hard to find two shoppers who agree completely about what is and what isn't really nourishing or tasty. Over the years, we all develope certain tastes and certain opinions about how and what we should eat. I dare say most of us are going to fill our cart with primarily those items which we already know will satisfy our particular tastes and opinions. It sure makes food shopping a lot quicker and easier. But there are so many great things we could discover if we just take a little more time, look a little closer at what's there, broaden our perception a bit and maybe experiment a little. If we do, we're certainly not likely to enjoy, or benefit from, every new thing we try. But every now and then we may find something really special and enjoyable. So I would answer yes, the internet is a good place to find useful information, provided we're not too naive and are willing to sort through the BS to find it.

  • Undecided

    Very good thinking, Sleepy. It's sort of like talking to another person, you have to use your intuition as to the validity of the infomation you're getting. Some people can't be trusted to know the real facts so if it sounds fishy you check it out.

    Ken P.

  • JH

    The internet is great and changed the world. Information is now abundant on any subject.

  • freeman

    I have been on the net since I think around 1974-75 intermittently and more steadily since about Im guessing 1984. I have found the net to be the greatest library and repository of both relevant and arcane information on the planet. In the early days we had none of the tools available today. Basically all you could do then is send e-mail, copy files; use an early form of chat. There was no such thing as an ISP, you got in through a military connection know as a TAC (dialup) or from the high energy physics lab at a university, or through a defense contractor. Oh yes and if you were connected at 300 baud you were flying, no Im not kidding 300 baud! I still have an old terminal with a built in 300 baud acoustic modem. You dial the number and then place the phone headset in the suction cup modem and away you go.

    I know most of you have no idea what I am talking about.

    The Internet has changed everything; it did in part help liberate me from the Borg. And now at age 47 it is still changing my life. Now it is allowing me to be a full time student again without taking any time off from work. Where else can one earn college credit and degrees without leaving ones home? Just be careful to research the school and make sure they are regionally accredit or otherwise accredited by an agency recognized by the Department of Education. There are tons of diploma mills out there, only too willing to take your money! If you get involved with such a school, you will pay a lot of money and receive a diploma that is not worth the paper it is printed on.

    As far as the worth of the information on the net, that is subjective. I suggest one do their own independent verification. Make note of everything but trust nothing important until it is verified. As far as information about JWs on the net, be forewarned there are some overtly dishonest sites telling lies about the witnesses on the net. Two site that I have encountered that are shamelessly dishonest on the subject of JWs are: and . Use discretion when visit these sites.


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