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  • thewiz

    OrbitingTheSun -better go out and hang Jay Leno he jokes about pedophilia all the time. jokes about murder too.

    MrMoe, priceless. i got 4 kids cherish the moment, they grow too fast.

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  • Simon

    I can see why MrMoe is upset but I also see the general point that Outcast is making which I think is that it's too easy sometimes to imagine that the WTS = evil and exWTS = good - almost totally the opposite to how JWs think. Of course there are no doubt nice people and sick scum among exJWs just as there are nice people and sick scum among JWs.

    Now, the way that the point was made was utterly insensitive and offensive and I think could have been done better. I hope that people can take a timeout though.

    There are moderators on this board (this thread was locked this morning for instace by one of them) but it is not the full time job of any one of us . If someone is being abusive then sending an email would be an enormous help (including a link to the topic!) or, if you are going to put a comment like that in the thread then please include a link to help a moderators find it.


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