Wanna Start Your Own Religion?

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  • Satanus

    Here's how. There is a whole book on it. It's called 'how to become a modern guru -

    It's good fun for everyone who has always wanted followers. Tired of being the lower person in an abusive religion? Now you too, can experience what it's like to be the one in charge.

    Here is a little sample from ch 12:

    The 1960's, 70's, 80's, and 90's have seen a rash of new "spiritual," psychological, ice cream, and philosophical flavors. Many people chose triple decker cones or banana splits - mixing perhaps primal screaming, transactional T-shirt printing, male drumming, success workshops, and teepee making. Skipping from Esalen in California, to a T-group in Maine.

    From the same chapter, slightly more pithy prose:

    requiring your disciples to repeat in unison the Prayer of Sigmund:

    Our Father, Psychoanalysis, who art in our Subconscious.
    Sublimated be thy Oedipal Complex,
    Thy Infantile Sexuality be repressed
    Thy Birth Trauma be compensated for as it is not in life.
    Give us this therapeutic hour our daily free association,
    And lead us not into slips of the tongue.
    For thine is the totem, the taboo, and the $75 per hour fee,


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  • nilfun

    LoL...now *that* was some funny reading!

  • Satanus

    Glad you liked it, nilfun.


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