What would you change?

by ExBethelitenowPIMA 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fisherman

    Stop insulting the intelligence of people by insisting that Adam and Eve were actual characters and that life hasn't existed on earth for millions of years.

    Cofty, can’t be done. Jesus validated their existence and AE are also linked to Bible chronology: “Male and female He created them.” So, millions of years appears to contradict the Bible. The ransom and death and human suffering are integrated with the historicity of A&E. Cannot have the Bible or JC who’s genealogy goes back to Adam -without them.

  • LongHairGal


    You pretty much nailed the toxic culture and mindset of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I doubt this will change.

    The ‘love bombing’ is phony and designed to keep people there. The ‘enmeshment’ part I absolutely hated with everybody wanting to know your business. If you were a young single woman like I was, there was no regard for your boundaries and these idiots imagined they could come up to you and ask or say anything!.. Maybe a married woman got somewhat more respect.

    These intrusive older hypocrites with unwanted advice were certainly not looking out for my best interest and I made sure I kept this in mind.. I am especially referring to older people (who have gone to their graves after living a cushy life).. They had ALREADY made their living…yet they preached poverty to younger people like myself.

    Thankfully for ME, I kept my job and their garbage went in one ear and out the other.

  • Fisherman

    There are a things that are destined to change if the end doesn’t come —soon: the adjudication of sin, the role of females in the congregation, the elder, servant body class, the congregation management policy, FDS and the anointed definition and status, blood, hierarchy.

    Male and female anointed get to be kings in heaven but while on earth they are the same as everybody else. Also, those in positions of authority roles in the congregation have the purpose of management and spiritual assistance but not leadership. There is a harsh approach to management nowadays which will surely change.

    WT made the representation in the past of a special “channel of communication “ but later wt admitted in the literature that although HS is a factor in JW work that there is no special communication than everyone else’s inside the org. —So JW know that WT claims are real because JW have a real relationship with God but there is no position of special standing in comparison to everyone else.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Which man-made man-run organization is closer to the truth of scripture than the WT organization?

    I would say, just about every Evangelical Christian organization, whether they believe in the Trinity and hell and defensive warfare or not.

    The WT organization may have the truth on hell and the soul but so what if they are preaching another gospel and another Jesus; a gospel that does not save and a Jesus that is unrelatable.

    That's even ignoring their history of promotion of trusting in men for eventual and unbiblical salvation, false prophetic speculation, CSA cover-ups, child protection failure, despicable shunning practices etc.

  • Fisherman

    what if they are preaching another gospel

    What if not.

    It is a personal conclusion like in the first century believing that JC was the Messiah and listening to him. If believing that wt is not God’s agency is inconsequential, it doesn’t matter.

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