Damning Quote - Clive Thomas - WTS (Canada)

by Scully 29 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • wednesday

    I have always known the WTS would not stand behind the elders. now all it will really take is for a few lawsuits to be won against individual elders, and well i know what i'd do id i were an elder-resign rapidly.

    Even if the WTS wanted to turn around now and correct matters, they have dug a whole so deep, they'll not get out of it without losing tons of money. their lawyers would not let them admit it-it would mean finaicail ruin, when in doubt, always deny.

  • Beans

    What if Brother Abuser is in service with a young MS and there doing return visits on a cold day and the MS has no idea what Brother Abuser did 20 years ago! So Brother Abuser says ok lets go do this return visit and MS says No you go I'll wait here in the car! Does brother Abuser say oh sorry I can't I sexually abused a child at the KH 20 years ago and I cant. And what if Brother Abuser is doing return visits with MS or anyone for that matter and there young daughter is in the car and they go out for the return visit and Brother Abuser is left all alone in the car with this persons daughter!

    What an excellent system they have or do they let the congregation know who has abused in the cong!



  • hawkaw

    It seems, my friend Scully .... that you see the importance of McCarten's piece.

    More to come.


  • NameWithheld

    Saying that dear bro abuser is not allowed to go in FS alone is a fine thing to claim, but everyone who has ever been a JW knows that that is a flat out lie. Anyone can go out in FS alone at anytime. What do they expect us to beleive that the elders state out bro abuser and follow him around?

  • Gerard
    Clive Thomas, spokesman for the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada Ltd., the churchs governing body, says that child welfare authorities are notified when abuse is suspected. Its up to those authorities to notify police if they feel its necessary, he said.

    [...] but the church itself isnt legally obliged to disclose the names of known or suspected abusers to police.


  • rocketman

    Namewitheld makes a good point. Anyone, at anytime, can go out in FS alone. They simply do not need to meet with the group. Or, they can meet on a weekday when it's likely that a sister or brother who does not know that he is a molester is leading the group.

  • JT
    Hey JT

    Clive Thomas is the Canadian equivalent to JR BROWN down in your neck of the woods.

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot with that comment!!

    Love, Scully

    tell me you are lying

  • hawkaw

    JT ... I'm confused.

    Lying about Clive being the Canadian spin master for the WTS ... that is true.

    Lying about shooting yourself in the foot with that comment!! ??? Scully is talking about Clive's comment and that is true too.


  • expatbrit

    I think JT is just overjoyed at the thought of another JR Brown.


  • Dia

    "...and these are people who have already come to the attention of the Child Welfare Authorities..."

    He's insinutating that all the names on that list have already been turned in to Child Welfare Authorities.

    I wonder what the Child Welfare Authorities would have to say about that and about his game of 'Hot Potato'.

    I'd like to see them show up at the various congregations and start asking to speak to and interview the pedophile escorts who accompany the pedophiles in field service. In the interest of learning more about how they monitor the situation, of course.

    Of course this is not for the general public. Only for the eyes and ears of a very select group of window-washers.


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