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  • dedalus


    Calm down before you pass out! Take some deep breaths -- inhale, exhale: repeat. It's okay, it's okay.

    Nobody's gonna hurt you.


  • bigboi

    Hey All:

    I think we were all just caught up in a trap with the whole Azazzel thread. It was probaly just started by someone who was obviously pissed at the ppl mentioned in the post. I was kinda dissapointed in myself really. I want to apologize for going off the way i did on her. Even if she wqasn't real i should've just kept what was said in that instance to myself. I don't have to provide for kids so I guess I don't know how it is in the fullest sense. I'll try to be more sensitive and thoughtful next time


  • unanswered

    i totally agree, englishman!

  • Englishman

    OK, Nogs,

    But, you owe me a beer at least, are you coming to my barbie in July, you aren't that far away!


  • jezebel influence
    jezebel influence

    The person who wrote the AZZAZEL post got exactly what they were looking for -attention.
    If you start to distrust someones post ignore it-then they cant get under your skin!Thats what I plan to do anyway.

  • discombobulatedgirl

    I didn't know wre to put this so I thuht here is better than than any. I just got back from me dads It was great I got to sleep i (hehehe) ok well just thought I'd tell ya I was back

    P.S the weather in Westport Wa. was great nice and sunny I was a BLAST wis you could have been there


  • nogs

    alright i'll come to your barbie, as long as there is good food, good beer and not forgeting the Valium!!!!!!!!!!

  • waiting

    Speaking of Valium.....

    I used to have panic attacks whenever forced to go to the dentist. He prescribed a small amount of Valium to take before coming to see him. Well, I kept some back for an important occasion (such as my mother visiting me).

    My son got married in my backyard couple of years ago. Incredibly busy that morning, so I popped a couple of Valium (figured if one worked - how much better taking two.) I got everything done - and in a good mood, I might add. My other son brought over his quintet from college to play music, along with a singer. She had never done a wedding before, was nervous, so I offered her the two remaining Valium I had. I think she declined.

    I, however, didn't remember any of this (guess that Valium really worked, eh?) The singer told my son recently that he had such a cool mom. Being my son, he asked why. (He got his sarcasm from his father). She told him that she had never been offered drugs by a mom before.


  • emyrose

    Once upon a time, everyone was nice and had nothing bad to say about
    anyone. We all learned much about life and it was so eye-opening and exciting! The End.
    I doubt you could sell this novel.

    No harm intended, just a thought.

  • Tina

    Dear Eman,
    Thanks for your support-it means a lot,hugs,T

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