Star Tribune: Jehovah's Witnesses accused of mishandling abuse in Montana

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  • Tahoe

    Corney, thank you for the added info. Much appreciated.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Who are the jw lawyers? Are they an outside firm that the society uses, or are they trained by the organisation? I mean that they'd have to have gone to a university to get a law degree so they are unlikely to be born in JWs. Just being curious, if any of you would know.

  • careful

    Lost in the fog,

    The head of the legal dept. at Patterson, Philip Brumley, was sent to law school by the org. Yep, they paid his way and it was his official assignment. He talks about how "dangerous" it was for him while he was there in an official JWdotorg video. Plenty of other WT lawyers converted after they'd passed the bar. In the USA it's a large enough group that they used to have their own independent conventions where, among other things, sisters could get up and give real stand-alone talks. That group, called Theocratic Attorneys and Doctors (TA&D), was shut down by GB I.

    RF mentions the group in passing in his CofC book. Hal Flemings used to be the one who organized their annual conventions. They even had their own journal and meeting programs. If you go to the website of this Witness lawyer, Steve Popko, you'll see in the lower right under "Awards & Rankings" that he was once the editor of the TA&D journal.

    Hope this helps.

  • Virgochik

    Wow, go Ms. Kathleen! And to think I wasn't al!owed to go to law school because The End was scheduled for 1975. 🔚🔜

  • careful

    For Lost in the fog, here's the ref. in RF's CofC. As I said, it is in passing and without naming the group. See note 13. This screen shot is from p. 281 of the 4th ed. of his book.

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