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  • Guy Montag
    Guy Montag

    Well. I used to be Jon Preston. Now that I've escaped the Watchtower I have much to report on. IN JUST A YEAR I left the cult, started living, reset my kids' brains, had my spouse cheat, move to a new location, and started a new job. NOT the fairytale ending surely. BUT I know that my wife cheated because most witnesses believe only physical cheating is cheating, and she herself was JUST waking up after a lifetime of servitude. Of course it isn't that simple but that's the short end. However...I now have had the difficulty in my openmindedness, figuring out whether God truly exists or is he a figment of our imagation in attempts to put a stop to chaos in freedom...not sure if he exists or not. But I LOVE that I have a choice. I will say this.

    Since leaving the Watchtower I realized:

    -Freedom isn't freedom

    -There are so MANY who are in the WORST situation (refugees, etc) possible that I wish I could help

    -climate change truly is a result of our humanly inhumanity toward the earth


    -I HAVE to raise my children away from delusions of "the world is fucked, god will fix it let's do nothing" , and "climate change is just natural", and all the others were taught.

    INSTEAD I hope they learn to THINK. That's my aim, that's my goal.

    How are you?

    GUY MONTAG- ex book and idea burner, ex-watchtowerian.

  • Tornintwo

    Hi Guy, I'm with you, don't know what quite to believe yet but someone posted this statement in here a few weeks ago and it sums things up for me perfectly;

    "I'd rather have questions I can't answer than answers I can't question"

    i look forward to asking the questions with an open mind instead of a blinkered one, finding my own truth instead of letting some men find it for me, at the moment i believe in the message of Jesus Christ his compassion, kindness, mercy are lessons for everyone and that he certainly didn't mean us to turn our backs on the rest of mankind and their real life issues (whilst we wander around in circles, knock on empty doors and drink coffee)

  • Giordano

    Guy it sounds like you need a break from the God question....... a vacation.

    There is an old saying "Silence is god's natural language everything else is a bad translation." Don't sweat the god issue that silence will still be there when you look at the question.

    The WTBTS has a history of being reckless with the lives, welfare and education of it's followers. How reckless is allowing pedophiles to attend meetings without informing the congregation and door knock?

    They also enjoy an unblemished record of being wrong about their ever changing 'truth' and their predictions about Armageddon.

    Welcome to the forum!

  • millie210
    Hi and welcome, I like that you want to reach out and care for others. We all need to do that!.
  • NewYork44M

    Getting out simply gets you to the starting point for the rest of your life. There is no question that life is hard. There are no easy answers. One of the attractions that the Watchtower has to offer is that God will fix everything.

    As you figured out, that is an illusion. While moving forward with ife is hard, with an extreme amount of hard work, it can be very rewarding.

    Living a successful life is the best revenge. Good luck!

  • JWdaughter
    Enjoy life without others influencing the way you look at it. Take off all the lenses of the world, WT or politicial or philosophical or ideological and just observe with normal, natural eyes. Its kinda crazy wonderful!!
  • umbertoecho

    "I'd rather have questions I can't answer than answers I can't question"

    And isn't that true! I am watching with great interest the reactions of those who are deeply compassionate toward those who are fleeing into Europe. Hungaria is showing i'ts "many decades of antipathy toward those in need". Germany is definitely compensating for it's inherited past. ( the average German is so lovely; honestly, so fun loving and optimistic)

    The thing is to reclaim your' mind. It is yours. You have every right to develop your thoughts and reactions, based upon good evidence. I think it might be helpful to drop all religion for one year. You may need this time to recover some of what you may have lost.

    You may even need to restrict yourself in regard to forums, or only read the posts that are gentle to the soul. There are some hurting people here and some very kind ones too.

  • Freesoul

    You are going through what all off us have gone through in one way or another.

    I left 25 years ago, my husband left me not long after we left "the troof" together, my teenage kids got into trouble with drugs etc, my JW parent were saying see this is what happens when you leave "the troof".

    25 years years later I look back on my life and I wouldn't change a thing. The reason why is every decision that I made after leaving the cult, was made with an open mind, living life to the full no matter what has happened. I live with passion and give life a 100% with no regrets.

    That beats sitting in mind numbing meeting, trying to cope with boredom and trying to come up with reasons I couldn't got "door to door" and feeling guilty every day because I couldn't keep up with the drudgery.

    My children and now in their 30's and are very balanced, caring, responsible and independent adults.

    I married a man who is not religious and who is very passionate about life, I do not get sick anymore, still work 6 days and week, I get up every morning enjoying every day for what is has to offer.

    I still don't have all the answers, but we have our conscience that tell us what is right and wrong, if we following our gut we will always be on the right track.

  • jhine

    Welcome Guy Montag . Enjoy the rest of your life . The God that you may or may not believe in wants you to do that .


  • mrquik

    Hi Guy;

    I been out 8yrs. Divorced the WT wife & remarried the love of my life. Still have one daughter in who doesn't talk to me; but overall I've never been happier. I had 50 & I think about the cult less & less. Tomorrow I'm surprising an old buddy who's been out most of his life with a gift certificate for a tattoo. I pass a hall often; usually beep during the sessions just to be a jerk. Took up skiing, bought a new Harley & cruise the Caribbean every year. My hope is for each & every one of us is to: Live Well & Enjoy Life!!!

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