Never throw away Kult Kollectibles

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  • Tallyman

    No, this ain't no advertisement, since the auction is long over...


    just wanted to illustrate the value some collectors put on the old Watchtower stuff, and that it is wise to hang onto it and if someone wants to 'pay through the teeth' to acquire it, well and good, because that way it is preserved, and not gone and forgotten, but rather the Watchtower's rich heritage lives on and the Litter-Chewer & Sundry Memorabilia is on someone's shelf or in their display cabinet for anyone to see in case there's a future challenge that such never existed.

    Who in their right mind would pay over $13 bucks for a little worm-eaten Tea Bag?? A Krazy Kult Kollector, that's who!

    Have heard SO MANY stories over the years of the mounds and heaps of Watchtower-related books, magazines, ephemera, misc, etc., that have been taken to the landfill, torn-up, burned..., it just makes me sick.
    Many of these incidents were inspired by the Watchtower Leadership in a not-so-veiled effort to erase their history, (Book-Burning Nazis!) or to keep the congregation clean of all the Old Light which casts a Not-So-Complimentary Pall on the Contemporary New World Society.

    So, Hell, don't throw the schtuff away! Sell it on eBay!

    Not that we don't really understand the therapeutic Ripping & Tearing & Primal Screaming Sessions that LovesDubs described a week ago... we do..., but try to use the newer, more plentiful WT publications if you need to exorcise the Watchtowerdemons in a more, uhh, 'material' way.

    Save the Old stuff. It matters not whether it gets into the hands of jWs or X-jWs. As long as it is preserved. It will eventually find its way into The Light of Day.


  • TheApostleAK

    I found a copy of "From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained" last week at St. Vinnies. It's a fossil for youngins like me.

    I know someone who found a bible students book circa 1900 last year at a bookshop.

  • hippikon

    I've got some old stuff I may want to sell

    "But it does move"

  • RR

    LOLOLOLOL ... teabags, what next ... toilet paper????

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

  • stephenw20

    so how many of these auctions are itmes that reside in BROOKLYN..........

    money is money...........we can sell anything to our members....... even after we use them!...

  • ajw

    Luv ya TT.

    Damn dem tea-eating little buggers!

    I'm out looking for Watchtower Phonographs!


  • Tallyman
    LOLOLOLOL ... teabags, what next ... toilet paper????

    "toilet paper"?
    I've sold Watchtower and AWAKE! magazines on eBay also.
    Some of the older, pulpier issues could rate as "double-ply".

  • Tallyman
    I've got some old stuff I may want to sell


    Whatcha got?

    Wanna do a deal?

  • logical

    I cant believe someone would pay for one teabag with a WT logo on it. Sad.

  • Tallyman


    Are you undergoing Electro-shock therapy?

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