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    Three guys called Linden, Simon and Keith are traveling and they need to get a room for the night. They put all of their money together but they still only had enough money to get one room, so that meant they all had to sleep in one bed. They've been friends since school, so are perfectly comfortable with being with each other. They slept that night and when they woke up Linden, who was sleeping on the far left said, "I had the weirdest dream, I dreamed that I was beating off." Simon, who was on the far right said, "I had the same dream." Keith, who'd been sleeping in the middle said, "Man, I dreamt I was cross-country skiing." ^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^-.,.-^

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