U.S. not an imperialist nation?

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  • metatron

    After the US 'imperialists' were done with Germany and Japan, they were richer and more
    prosperous than ever.


    The Muslims are a threat to the whole world. They are fully capable of murdering
    any number of people in a jihad spirit, as long they can get the weapons.

    What I found MOST disturbing was the education and exposure of the hijackers to
    Western culture. Too many of them aren't assimilating - and fully capable of committing
    suicide/mass murder.

    So, you can kill them all ( not likely, France might object!)

    or push them towards democracy - which won't work because they'll elect Bin Laden
    types to office - like Iran or Algeria

    or you can take over Iraq and try to force them, kicking and screaming, into
    sensible government, just like Japan/WW2.

    There isn't much alternative here - and if the Europeans would get honest about
    it, they'd admit it.

    If you don't like it, come up with a better solution - while time is running out
    BECAUSE SOONER OR LATER, they will get weapons of mass destruction and use them.

    it's that simple

    and if you Europeans think this is ugly, think ahead about Pakistan
    I predict that if they don't 'progress'
    the CIA and Mossad will collaborate with India
    to kill them all in an all out nuclear war.


  • Intuit39

    Ok, I gotta weigh in on this one!

    Grunt--WTF!--Puerto Rico is still a US territory; so are Guam, the Marianas, and much of Samoa. The US still has bases in many nations, including the Philippines. All of the USA west of Texas was TAKEN from Mexico. Please, bone up on your history lessons, and don't fall for the media hype and government propaganda.

  • Grunt

    You think we are "occupying" Guam? Or Puerto Rico? Maybe you should bone on up your current events. We are NOT there by force. Look at Guam's internet site, get a feel for the place and then tell me they want us out. What they want is a LOT more of us IN. Puerto Rico could become a state or independent if it chose. The reasons for not doing so are commercial, taxes and such, some of my best friends in the Marines were from Puerto Rico and they were as patriotic towards the US as I was/am. As for having bases in the Philippines, have you ever heard of Subic Bay??? When the Philippines asked us to give up this prime base that we really needed and still need, we left. We do not OCCUPY any of the places you mentioned. We pay through the nose for our bases in most places. By the way we also have bases in England and a lot of other countries. A base does not indicate occupation
    Don't fall for the media hype and anti-US propaganda so easily. Check some of your facts yourselves. For instance check the Spanish rule of these places we liberated. They killed off the citizens of Guam and most other places with disease and war (Ponce De Leon had six thousand Indians shot at one time when they tried to revolt) and then imported slaves to make money off of. The people who live there now are NOT natives of those places in most instances.

    We ask for permission to send troops into the Philippines to help their forces, as it is an INDEPENDENT nation because we backed out and let it be. Read your history and your current events and you will find that we have helped a lot of places become independent and that we spread DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM.

    Don't just listen, read for yourself and think for yourself. If the Twin Towers had not been hit, if those poor accountants with their ties flapping in the breeze as they jumped to their death and the secretaries who burned to death had not been killed by these Moslem fanatics then we wouldn't have kicked out the Taliban and we wouldn't be about to kick out Saddam. The fight started with those brave souls who charged a group of armed men one at a time and caused them to send prayers to Allah and a plane into the ground instead of into the White House or some such place. It will end when the price has been paid for those actions and when we have made more such actions less likely. It may be a while. It may deteriorate into a situation like Israel's. I sure hope not. For everybody's sake.


  • bigboi

    Man, there is so much that we could get into here. I don't have the time to go into all of US history, but Inuit knows exactly where i'm coming from.

    Imperialism has nothing to do with right or wrong or evil or brutality and that is defintely not what I'm implying although a case can defintely be made for that when discussing American imperialism, foriegn policy or whatever you want to call it.

    What I don't get is the self-righteousness that many Americans have when it comes to our foriegn policy. Our interventionist policies in other countries have rarely been selfless acts of compassion. Rather America, like any other nation, only gets involved when it's own self-interest is involved.

    Afghanistan was mentioned. This person just shows how ignorant he is of the American involvement in the Soviet-Afghan war. We gave the Afghans weapons to fight a proxy war against the Soviet Union. After that War, the Afghan nation was in shambles as it had provided most of the theater for the conflicts. Although we readily supplied weapons to defeat a common enemy, once the war was over, and that enemy defeated, Afghanistan and it's pl were simply left in a war torn shamble of a nation. A nation that through the years became ripe to spawn groups like the Taliban, who ultimately took down the Twin Towers. So this whole scenario can be layed at the feet of the American government and it's arrogant imperialism. The chickens have simply come home to roost.

  • Grunt

    Helping a group fight a common enemy, as was the case with Afghanistan, does not mean we are imperialists. We helped the Russians fight the Germans, it didn't mean we owed Russia anything eles. When a place is being invaded and someone else steps up and gives money and weapons that doesn't imply they should also do everything else. When you harbor people who attack others, that makes you guilty, hence the attack on the Taliban. For what the dope growers in Afghanistan have done to the US we owe them punishment, not help. If the new government there is friendly, holds down opium production and so on, then out of the goodness of our hearts we can help them. We owe them nothing more than the help we already gave them in reversing a losing fight and giving them a victory.

    You said, "Rather America, like any other nation, only gets involved when it's own self-interest is involved." I agree. Where is your problem with that? Why is it "self-righteousness" when we strike back at those who struck us first??? What would you have us do? It seems you hold us to a higher standard than other nations which to me implies you are the one who somehow sees us as more "righteous." We don't have to turn the other cheek. We can slap back. We did. We will. It is just good for them that they didn't manage to set off a nuclear bomb, as the reaction would have been far more drastic than it has been. Two governments will have fallen from the slap at New York. More probably will fall, the entire budget of the US and the world has been refocused.
    The yellow dogs that killed the secretaries and accountants, that tortured the airline stewardesses are running all over the world and being killed all over the world. I would indeed say the chickens have come home to roost, some have been fried up, others set in the cooler in Cuba. The only thing that can and will be laid at our feet is their heads. If they manage to kill some more civilians, then more fire will be brought down on them and those who support them. This is the pattern in Israel and the same mindset is what we are dealing with. These people strike out of hatred for all Christians, you and I are "crusaders" to these fools. Theirs is a misbegotten, fanatical cult and it can bring only pain to all who deal with it and death to its devotees. There is no defense for such people. Killing women doesn't make you a warrior. Killing the killers doesn't make you an imperialist.


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