The Slain of Jehovah

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  • snugglebunny

    I was talking to an old ex-dub friend yesterday. We hadn't seen one another for 40+ years, so we had a whole wealth of experiences (upbuilding experiences, ha ha!) to swap.

    One of the similar things we'd encountered was parental blackmail to return to the truth, desist from turning our backs on Jehovah, get right with Jehovah, put our lives in order, etc etc.

    Each time this involved a much loved dead relative.

    Mine went along the lines of:

    "What are we going to say to your grandmother after the resurrection? The first thing she's going to ask when she's raised from the dead is where is Snugglebunny? And I'm going to have to explain to her that Snugglebunny didn't make it, that Snugglebunny was amongst the slain of Jehovah. Can you imagine how that will devastate her?"

    For me it was probably one of the most infuriating loaded witnessy questions that I'd ever come across. My comeback to my parents was that I was a good father, a good husband and a good provider. Why would Jehovah want to kill me?

    More coming up.

  • blondie

    Eagerly awaiting, snugglebunny.

  • sir82

    A while back I started a thread about using "theocratic" terms as names of rock bands.

    "Slain of Jehovah" would be another good one (sorry, don't mean to belittle your issues).

  • Vidiot
    sir82 - "...'Slain of Jehovah' would be another good one..."

    Holy crap, no kidding... an XJW death-metal version of Lamb of God.

  • rawe

    Hi SnuggleBunny,

    Can you imagine what the morality of this sounds like if actor was human? Let's call your friend Sam and the powerful actor Fred.

    Sam: SnuggleBunny, what am I going to say to your grandmother after the release by Fred? You know the first thing she will ask is where is SnuggleBunny?

    SnuggleBunny: Please tell grandmother I made it out alive and I lived a good life!

    Sam: But by the time Fred releases grandmother he will have caught up to you and killed you! I'll have to tell grandmother that you have become the slain of Fred!

    SnuggleBunny: That may be so. Tell grandmother that I'm not sure if "release of Fred" is much of a release. Sure he seems to have held grandmother captive all those years, but after the release, he still is demanding that you and grandmother love and worship him under the penalty of death. And by then you'll know it is all too real, because he will have killed me. I will have become the slain of Fred. So, please tell grandmother I escaped the prison Fred had us in.

    Sam: Oh, my God SnuggleBunny, I never thought of it that way before! Fred is actually pretty awful!

    SnuggleBunny: Dear Sam, actually it is worse than that. I know Fred keeps demanding you love and worship him and promises that one day he will release you, but actually I don't think he has any such plans. Those promises are hollow, designed just to keep you happy in his prison. Why should anyone believe Fred will keep his promises? Sam, you know many promises Fred made, he failed to keep. Did not Fred "promise" the generation of 1914 would not pass away? And what sort of promise is this anyway? Love and worship me or I will kill you!? Continue to love and worship me, after I've killed your family members!?

    Take care, -Randy

  • Diogenesister

    Snuggles enjoying this so a good exjw reunion!

    Sir82 Slain of Jehovah" would be another good one (sorry, don't mean to belittle your issues

    Ha ha I think youve found your top name!!! Or "Slayer"(lol) of Jehovah, with a picture of Ant Mo 3 in death metal costume :))

  • zeb

    as Blondie said, "eagerly awaiting."

  • Vidiot
    sir82 - "A while back I started a thread about using 'theocratic' terms as names of rock bands."

    BTW, did a quick search and found it...

    ...can't believe I missed it the first time.

    There's some great stuff in there.

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