Two JWs visited

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  • Finkelstein

    She had made the point that the GB were anointed and God had appointed them because as anointed they were special.

    J Rutherford proclaimed that he was anointed or chosen by god just like C T Russell before him yet both preached the most obviously false doctrines ever imagined within Christianity, gave public talks and published their doctrines into books and magazines.

    Is it too obscure to notice that all religious organizations within Christianity say the same thing about themselves , that they have been chosen by god to give spiritual light and guidance. ???

  • Loi_241

    I am not surprised that these ladies don't know who Rutherford was. As they still don't research the old history of Jehovah's Witness religion. They are now...

    I'm glad you bravely explained out to them for your faith.

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