Is there intelligent life beyond our Earth?

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  • Spartacus

    Yes I think there is a whole lot of intelligent life beyond our Earth.

    Logic speaks for itself, consider the vastness of the Universe.

    It's estimated that there are 120 billion galaxies in the visible universe beyond that, 200 billion galaxies an estimated total. Each Galaxy has between 50 to 100 billion stars. Stars like our Sun have planets orbiting them. Meaning that there are immensely more planets than stars and Galaxies put together.

    The question is, how many planets exist in our own Milky Way Galaxy that has an estimated 100 billion stars!? Like our Earth, how many planets that are not too far or too close to their respective stars that can support life? I would bet there are many beyond our imagination!

    It would be arrogant to believe that we humans are the only intelligent beings in our Galaxy and in the whole universe.

    The universe is so vast. Firstly, one light year (LY) is about 6 Trillion miles, Our Milky Way Galaxy is about 100,000 LY wide. The nearest star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.22 light-years away. The nearest Galaxy to our Milky Way is Andromeda Galaxy which is 2 to 3 Million light years away consider that there are at least 120 billion galaxies denotes how huge the universe is, really beyond our imagination.

    I would bet that there are many, alien civilizations that are millions of years old. They probably can inter-stellar travel among other advanced species that have attained the same ability.

    We humans are so damn ignorant about our galaxy, the universe and ourselves. In comparison to some intelligent species that may have civilization for 100s of thousands of years, compared to them we are just babies.

    Human civilization has existed for less than 6000 years, our modern era is only a little more than a 100 years old, we have been reading and writing for less than 5 to 4 thousand years. Im sure there are intelligent alien species somewhere in our Milky Way that have been civilized for 100 of thousands of years imagine how advanced they must be compared to us.

    I say again, it is arrogant to believe that we humans are the only intelligent beings in the universe and in our galaxy. To thinks so runs blatantly against logic.

    We as humans have a lot of shiyt to work out and one of the first things that has to go for us to hasten our advancement is Mysticism, which is based on a bunch of myths and lies. Are we ready for the truth? There are social and technical milestones ahead we must achieve, to survive as a human species. Hopefully, we will realize one day that our Earth exists in the wild of space and its up to us to protect it for our own sakes. Every 30 to 40 thousand years the Earth is hit by a major meteorite, one, which eliminated the dinosaurs. At this point, we can not protect ourselves from large rocks in space, which can end all intelligent life on this precious planet besides the danger that exists from each other.

    What do you think?

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  • anti-absolutism

    I get a very humling feeling, being reminded of our insignificance in the Universe. Then it makes me want to go give my kids a hug and make sure they are happy. Simple, I know but awesome too.

  • Francois

    My guess is that there are billions upon billions of inhabited worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. And in the entire universe? Who knows.

    Perhaps we are suffering a sort of spiritual blockade here as a result of a real default by certain cosmic progenetors of this planet or local universe and to keep the rot from spreading, we're in quarantine until things can be made right.

    It does not make sense that we're alone. That we are indwelt by something far, far larger than just a human spirit seems obvious. That we spend so much resources reaching out to find "others" like us in the universe in programs like NASA to SETI tells me we're motivated by something within very powerful seeking to make a connection that's been suspended.


    Who knows what's going on below the crust of Europa, as Clarke has so emotionally emoted?

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  • anti-absolutism

    humbling, I mean

  • Kenneson

    If nations ever begin using nuclear weapons on each other, then the real question will become: is there intelligent life here on earth?

  • Realist

    the real question there intelligent life on earth?!

    add: kenneson...funny conincidence! same time same post! :))))

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  • Spartacus

    Yes, if we are truly at the Mercy of the wilderness of space, then life is truly precious indeed!

  • Mary

    There is no intelligent life beyond earth. I know this, because the Earth is the center of the universe.......and because de Botchtower told me so.

  • logical

    if there is a planet on the exact same orbital plane as this earth and its the exact opposite side of the sun so we could never see it

  • Shakita

    I'll tell you what....if there is life out there somewhere, they just have to be more intelligent than we stupid earthlings are. Here we are about a year and a half since 9/11, and we are supposed to run out and buy supplies of water and food enough for 3 days, duct tape and plastic for the windows and vents for a "safe room", and talk to our kids about designating a meeting place in case of an emergency(attack). I don't know about you guys, but I am totally disgusted with the human race. This tiny little planet is a very dangerous place and we could sure use some intelligent life beyond the earth to come and show us how to act "intelligent."

    Mrs. Shakita

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