Talkin' bout my generation

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    Damn, OnTheWayOut beat me to it!

  • bobld

    Per insight their book they say"Problems in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus.There are 41 generations from Abraham to Jesus rather than 42" They use words like"may,may have,evidently,possibly".I think they have a problem.

  • bobld
  • punkofnice
    the Governing Body should, if they were truly wanting to put "truth" first, have simply said "This is one idea we have, but it may be wrong, and in all honesty, we aren't sure what Jesus meant here."

    Their holinesses the watchtower rock star popes of the GB do not put truth (whatever that is), first. Those paedophile protecting, over fed gluttonous pigs will never apologise or admit they might be wrong. they are far to arrogant and that isn't corporate policy.

    They are only interested in money, comfort, worship, power and the enjoyment of abusing the rank and file.

    I used to think it was me being a thickie, not understanding the 'deep things of Jehovah(tm)'. especially evident in this Splane vid is the evidence that he has no idea what he's waffling on about. It wasn't me being a thickie all along, it was the corporation spewing forth nonsense.

    The reason they do it is a whole other subject. I hope the exposure they're getting from sources like the ARC etc will severely hurt the GB very badly. I'd like to see those b***ards go through the pain and suicidal anguish they've put many of us through.

    Overlapping generations. Pah! I laugh up my sleeve. Morons.

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