Apostates getting smarter?

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  • freedom96

    Back before the internet, JW's who left, either DF'd or DA'd had nothing to rely on. They didn't have the communication with others, nor did they have access that they now have with the internet.

    Now, anyone can log on, even JW's, and see sites like this one, that talk about the real truth. Before internet, one may hate what the organization did, they may not believe it in their heart, but without tons of research through actual hard copy books, they had nothing to compare anything to.

    Most people never had access to old books and magazines. There are stories of witnesses going into the congregation library and getting chastized at looking at old material. Now, you have thousands of people, that can post here, with experiences, with copies of these books, and a step by step guide of sorts that show why, and exactly why, the WTS is not the "truth."

    It is so much easier now.

    Thank you everyone, for making information available.

    Now, when someone has doubts, and they have looked at the facts, when confronted by friends, elders, relatives, they can speak accurately about what really is going on. No more, "Oh, I am just spiritually weak." or "I am having doubts." They can stand up, and name times, places, people, circumstances that prove that the WTS is what they really are. We all have become more intelligent in regards to the real information.

    This is evident, where more and more, we are reading stories of those up against elders and such, and they are able to give intelligent answers to why they don't go anymore. Perhaps these intelligent responses will indeed give the receipiant something to think about. More so than in the past. Now we have the evidence.

    Perhaps this will eventually snowball. The more people that leave, and can say why with proof, it may start others thinking, and so on.

    Let's hope so.

  • Gig

    To quote the WTS, admittedly out of context..."Now we have the evidence, all of it, and it is overwhelming."

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    thank you free 96; you are so right ; i'll be the first to say that 3 years ago i started out with just some wt mag's . dad wanted me to read... and i had ?s he told me to do more research so i went to the library and went on the web for a hour at a time... then when i came home he told me the internet was lying... so i went to the 42nd street library in n.y.c. for weeks and read old wt books.... then dad told me that the books in the 42nd st. library were not original wt books...lol they were fake... about 6 months later i found a kh with a great old library and a copy machine... i started going to meetings and sitting in ther library making 1000's of copies of wt crap... they thought they had a new convert... this went on for months... when my dad pressed me were i got all these copies i told him and said NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME....LET'S GO to this kh and see , don't tell me the books in this hall are fakes... well he called the hall and i was not allowed in no more... and a few weeks later he had the police throw me out from living in his house... but it was not so easy i made him get a court order.... so now i have my own place and a computer... and i call him every day and blast him more.... all the wt tricks don't work and he knows it.....john

  • freedom96


    Too bad that you have to go through all that with your dad.

    But those who question us are going to have to face the real truth. Their own books and magazines do just fine. Therein lies the evidence.

  • roybatty

    The internet for Ex-Jws is like the Reasoning Book for JWs.

  • Shutterbug

    But those who question us are going to have to face the real truth

    Some of these people aren't going to face the truth until the whole house of cards comes crashing down around their heads. If that does happen, look for mass suicides. That is when we can go to work helping those who have lost all hope. Bug

  • Warrigal

    Thanks Freedom96. The good thing about having a computer at home is that you can investigate the information on this and other forums in total privacy. No elders looking over your shoulder at the KH. That way they have no clue that the investigator will soon be an ex-JW.

  • Brandy5

    One time while nursing my baby in the Library I was reading an old book by Russell. I was told that I was NOT supose to be reading that. As it would confuse me.

    If you believe what they themselves tought in say 1974 you would be df'ed. cause the 1914 generation thing was not correct.


  • BluesBrother

    Thank God for the internet ! - and I am not being flippant .

    I really believe that the freedom of information has helped me to develop from one who just had serious questions, as I had done sometimes in the past. Those times I studied the WT books to "Regain my spirituality" . This time there was a Kingdom Ministry insert about the perils of the internet. That was enough to send me to my local library to use their computer and log on . I was amazed at what I found and felt a real "Homecoming feeling" to read the comments of others who felt the same as I did.

    I have never looked back.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    The internet is the Judbs worse nightmare. Before it came along it was so easy for the dubs to dismiss any facts as apostate lies. The truth is out there and the Watchtower is falling


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