"Great Reset" and the Borg

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  • hoser
    truth_b_known9 hours ago

    The meat and dairy industries are the number one polluters/contributors to greenhouse gases. Medical science is showing the outright damage that consuming meat does to the human body. It doesn't surprise me in the least that there is a push to a meatless human society or at least a movement toward lab grown meat.

    The minimalist movement is also picking up momentum. A consumer based society is not sustainable and only adds to problems. Try the 90 day challenge. If you don't use something for 90 consecutive days get rid of it.

    These kinds of ideas are dangerous to our civilization. Do you realize that owning a goat or a cow can mean the difference of life or death to a poor family? All of these crazy reset schemes are thought up in the deranged minds of elitist disconnected rich people.

    Don’t believe everything the virtue signalling entitled upper middle class tell you. Some years due to weather issues grain crops are not fit for human consumption, but a cow, pig or chicken will eat that grain and make food from an otherwise unfit product.

    The 30 day and 90 day challenge? More upper middle class virtue signalling. Poor people live like this their entire lives. The great reset will make the majority poorer.

  • Sad-u-see

    Meat is very healthy when raised right.

  • mickbobcat

    Sounds like when I heard in the early 70s that the world was going into an ice age. LOL or 20 years ago that said in 10 years the seas would be dead. more Bull Shit.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I live on an island and I am counting on sea level rise to give me waterfront property.

    That would surely increase the property value.

  • smiddy3

    In the 60`s there was Moral Re-armament movement in the world ,whatever happened to that ?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    A lot of the end-of-day crap is bullshit. We’ve all seen such cultists utterances.

    2030 is only 9 years out now, sea levels won’t suddenly rise 1-10m, cows will still be grazing so there will be plenty of meat. We will still be eating cows 100 years from now although it may become more of a delicacy due to cheap lab grown meat or it may become super common worldwide (most people to date rely on pigs and chickens rather than beef) due to cheaper and better farming.

    Things will always change, but they don’t change that rapidly. Integrated circuits were invented almost 70 years ago, it didn’t change the world in any particular year and its potential is just now being discovered. The steam engine was invented 100 years before the first loom started using it and roughly 200 years before railroads became a thing, those changes didn’t happen suddenly in a span of a few years.

  • Bobcat

    The Great Reset looks a lot like pure communism, as Marx imagined it. But Lenin, the realist, saw that tyranny was required first in order to purge the world of all its anti-communist elements ("The Tyranny of the Masses"). Those pushing for the "Great Reset" cannot see as far as Lenin did. Otherwise, they would see what the Great Reset would inevitably lead to.

  • lastmanstanding

    Most people have a very weak understanding of how the economy really works. Hence, few really grasp the realities of the world’s economic and social direction.

    Will there be a “reset”.

    We live in a debt based system. Most persons try to understand the economy with the view of boats, where you are working in a positive environment, “above water”. In reality, we are living in economic submarines, under water. The Forex market where Fiat currencies are traded are a measure of how deep a country’s currency is in comparison to the other submarines.

    The most important submarine, the USD is headed to the bottom of the ocean. I calculate this vector daily and invest accordingly.

    The “reset” is not what even the ‘resetters’ think.

    Fiat currencies are heading into a maelstrom, led by Uncle Sam. Not far off is a currency event, volatility in the Forex market so strong that it will be impossible to arrive at settlement on goods. World trade will halt.

    The volatility will be the result of money seeking higher ground, in a digital environment where speed is key.

    Most people today hear the news about the US markets going higher, and they have no concept of why PE ratios can get to where they are, ...companies earning nothing and their stock rising into the stratosphere. And the simple reason that these few companies are rising in this manner has nothing whatsoever to do with earnings, or the company’s health or prospects.

    All it is is a flight of capital... out of the USD. Money looking for a home.

    The USD is about to lose half its value. Prices on store shelves are about to rise to places that you couldn’t conceive of. And not just in ’mericKa yankeetown.

    The end result of the inevitable dissolution of Fiat currencies, the way down led by the USD... is a new One World Currency. BET ON IT.

    What will it mean to you? Well, you’d have to believe it’s going to happen before an explanation would be warranted.

    And you don’t. So it won’t.

    But it will...

  • hoser

    People are dumping currency in favor of “safe” assets. Real estate, cryptocurrency, precious metals and equities. As last man standing pointed out currency is being debased and there will be inflation. A healthy economy needs it as a small percentage. Governments are printing money like there’s no tomorrow and inflating the money supply. Inflation is not all about an inflated money supply. It is also about a shortage of goods and services real or perceived. We saw it last spring with the run on toilet paper. Even though the supplies were ample the perception of a shortage caused panic buying and suppliers could charge more.

    Covid 19 is creating disruptions in the supply chain that has and will lead to shortages that will fuel inflation. Governments giving out “free” money as stimulus compound the problem.

    It seems to me that governments want people to be dependent on them. They are taking away the opportunities for people to be independent and wanting to introduce basic income which will lead to more problems in the end.

  • incognito2014
    A consumer based society is not sustainable and only adds to problems. Try the 90 day challenge. If you don't use something for 90 consecutive days get rid of it.

    This 90 day challenge seems to be a superb idea.

    I haven't used my winter coat for 90 days, so I threw it out, and I really needed that coat because I threw my wood burner away last september

    I need to fill out my tax return but I can't because all the invoices I was keeping I threw out as I hadn't looked at them for more than 90 days.

    My house is on fire, I'd better use my fire extinguisher to put it out, damn I threw that out as it was just sitting there not being used.

    Throwing stuff out because you haven't used it for 90 days would drive consumerism as we would just have to buy it all again next time you realised that it was useful.

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