Are you PISSED-OFF with christianity/religion? Watch THE KINGDOM

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  • Reasonfirst

    If you are PISSED-OFF with christianity and/or religion in general, then you may like this overview of the downfall of the Hillsong (Pentecostalism) franchise.

    It was made by a staff member of SBS an Australian TV, who is apparently an ex-Hillsong attendee.

    The description blurb notes: " Marc Fennell investigates the successful, but scandal plagued megachurch Hillsong, stepping back into the world of Pentecostalism that he left behind and asking what happens as the Hillsong kingdom crumbles."

    You can find this report on SBS ONDEMAND.


    There are other links on the web to other critical examinations of Hillsong's failings, including the failure of Pastor Brian Houston's failure to report his father's (the founder of Hillsong) pedophilia.

    Another Australian link is to Channel 7's Spotlight;,vid:jgtOSd1IVGA

    If the topic is of interest, your own search will bring up more.

  • Reasonfirst

    A point I considered when watching this stuff, was the way guys like the preachers in this church could hold a crowd.

    In all my years wasted with the WT, I cant recall many guys who could do that.

  • punkofnice
    R1st - If you are PISSED-OFF with christianity and/or religion in general,

    I'm not bothered really. It's people that are the problem.

  • Sanchy

    I used to be PISSED-OFF with Christianity/religion. Now I just dgaf anymore. I came to realize that the cultyness, the irrationality, the bullying, and a lot of the supposed bad traits that I criticized the religious for, can also occur among the unreligious..

    I'm at peace with it all.

  • LV101

    Punky -- ^^^ feel same. Wish they'd sit in a church and hear admonition/preachin' or something to stop stealing, lying, conniving and worse. I realize it starts in the home but maybe there's an outside chance would help some. Our science guru Cofty would have to correct my delusional thinking.

  • Reasonfirst

    Jws are not the only suckers out there, in the global reach of christianity.

    How Hillsong built its property empire by taking financial control of other churches

    A segment of the news presented by Australia' ABC (an Australian government owned media group in Australia.)

  • Mum

    I am not sure about Christianity in general as it mostly seems corrupted and far from the teachings of Jesus. However, it is not good to paint all Christians or individual churches with the same brush. I know some very good people who are Christians.

  • Reasonfirst

    Hi Mum,

    Yup, I've met some very kind RC priests, so I can appreciate your point.

    Does your comment that said, (quote)" it is not good to paint all Christians or individual churches with the same brush." mean that this can also apply to JW congregations and individuals?

    Do you think that some Jws are also good people?

  • nischansr

    As far as I am concern NO organized religion is safe today they are all corrupt. We have to remember the warning in Timothy about perilous times and how people will be in the last days DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!!!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    And it's Monday. I don't know where to add this,,,,so Id thought Id just throw it in here!!

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