Laci Peterson

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  • happyout

    My heart breaks for poor Laci and her son (she was pregnant with a boy). I try so hard to keep an open mind, but I just can find no evidence to believe that her husband is not behind her disappearance. When he was interviewed on TV, he was asked if Laci knew about his affair. He said she did. He was asked if she was upset. He said she wasn't "happy" but she wasn't angry. Let's just look at this stupid story. He had not told his mistress that he was married, but he told his pregnant wife??? And she WASN'T ANGRY???????????? She's pregnant with HIS child, he's screwing around on her and she WASN'T angry???? Oh my GOD???????? Aren't there drugs that can force a person to tell the truth? Why can't we use them? I understand people can fool a polygraph, but not the drugs. I mean, this is not just his wife, maybe he doesn't love her anymore, this is also his SON!!!!!!!!!!! This is the kind of thing that makes me hope there is some kind of hell, for people who do terrible, horrible, heartless things like this.

  • D8TA
    Her sick ass husband killed her. He should be drawn n quartered

    I'm sorry can you prove or disrpove this statement? Oh, I see, you don't know all the facts except what FOXNews and CNN have been giving you...what were we thinking?

    What ever happened to: "Innocent until proven guilty" in that country???

    If they do indeed find the husband as the one responsible, then hell yah, he gets what justice of the court system gives him.

    Untill then, who really knows with the limited information being given to the public.

    And I'm sorry, it's bad that Laci Peterson is "missing"...but what gives this case such special attention as to anybody else in the world? And why is it being plastered all over U.S. News Media, while there are greater and far more important issues devolping in the world today?

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  • Mulan

    An interesting thing is that Scott Peterson says (through his sister in law) that he isn't taking the polygraph test because his attorney has advised him not to. Evidently that is common, so I didn't have a problem with that, BUT his attorney also advised him to NOT talk to the media, and two days later he is talking to Diane Sawyer, and had the Modesto TV people to his home, and keeps calling them with more information, to answer accusations against him. Why does he listen to some advice and not all of it???? The man from the network affiliate in Modesto said his attorney has quit the case, and a new one has been hired. Maybe he will listen to the new attorney.

    And why is it being plastered all over U.S. News Media, while there are greater and far more important issues devolping in the world today?
    It isn't really all over the US media. There is very little anymore, and nothing at all for a week after the Columbia disaster. I get most of my info from the web site and Larry King's show had it on last night. Tonight is Priscilla Presley, not exactly an important news item. It's an entertainment show.
  • Yesterdays Child
    Yesterdays Child

    Same thing happened here in ohio was a jw . remember

  • Yesterdays Child
    Yesterdays Child

    Husband did it to laci

  • ARoarer

    Mulan, I too fear for Laci Peterson. My heart aches so for her family. She was supposed to give birth to her son, Connor yesterday. Her husband's actions are making him look so heartless, and guilty. It is no wonder his lawyer will not let him take a lie detector test, for if he takes on and he fails it, they will know not to look for other suspects even though it is not allowed as evidence in court, it still tells the police of his guilt in the crime so they can focus on him and make a sooner arrest.

    D8TA - Yes, there are many important things in this world, but when we become victims of an experience that involves what happened to Laci, it seems right and human to connect, and to come to the aid of those suffering over what has happened to her. Her family needs support. The news media has been a huge help in getting them the help, love and support they need to endure this right now. It's called caring for one another. Maybe if you were in thier shoes you would appreciate the information getting out to help find your loved one and you may be more judgemental toward the one that seems to be the perpetrator.

  • LuckyLucy

    Her sociopathic narssistic husband did it! I saw him in an interview and he is a lying SOB! He just may walk too, if they do'nt find the body.

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  • Mary

    Let's see: Scott Peterson was having an affair with another woman. He lied to her, telling her he was single, he lied to Laci about it, her parents and the police until his mistress phoned the cops herself. He also conveniently had a substantial life insurance policy on Laci. And does anyone else think it's rather bizarre for ANYONE to go fishing on Christmas Eve Day, 90 miles from home??!! Come on people; on December 24th, everyone (with the exception of JWs and Jews) is out doing last minute shopping or preparation for Christmas Day...........

    Next, we have the neighbours statement that Laci ALWAYS opened her curtains first thing in the morning. On December 24th, they remained closed. Her husbands explanation that they were trying to "conserve energy" is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. They live in Mathesda, California, not Anchorage, Alaska.

    Then we have Scott Peterson's actions since Laci disappeared: he certainly does not appear to be grief-stricken that his pregnant wife was missing; he doesn't appear to be in shock, stressed or showing any other emotions that one would expect a loving husband to display under such circumstances. His getting rid of her truck and trying to sell the house all screams of "I know she's not coming back!"

    No one else would have any reason to kidnap a 7 month pregnant woman without demanding some sort of ransom for her safe return. No one has made any such threats, and Laci apparently was well liked by everyone.

    I truly hope this isn't going to turn out like the Jon Bennet Ramsey case, where there "just wasn't enough evidence to convict". I'd lay bets that Scott Peterson killed his wife........he had the means, motive and opportunity, and he's got no alibi.


    My wifes family lives in Modesto. There is so much information that they get that the general public outside of Modesto don't get. After talking to my mother in law and other family membersits obvious that Scott Peterson either killed his wife or had something to do with her disaperance.(or however you spell the word).

    I've been watching this since day one and its only a matter of time before Scott gets his.


    Knowledge Changes Everything

  • TresHappy

    I heard on the news this morning about the body of a female and baby being found in Richmond, California. It appears that the Laci Peterson story has taken a tragic turn, which is very sad. I wonder if they will be able to get enough evidence to bring the murderer (her husband) to justice.

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