Blowing your Trumpet

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    refiners fire

    Many thanks to all commenters.

    Johnny and Oz. I dont know who writes these books, but it causes me to remember what a writer once said in commenting on deep doctrine within cults. The recruit cant be exposed to deep doctrine until they asre fully prepared for it. If someone sat down with Witnesses cold and just started studying their interpretation of the trumpets without 6 months worth of home Bible study beforehand, the result would be derision. They would just burst out laughing at such absurd and shallow interpretations.

    I think its fair to say that the Witnesses interpretations of key prophetic chapters of the Bible are the most absurd I have ever read.

    Buster. As to the style of these books, the author uses a lot of linking words. He will say that the clergy equal the fallen star Wormwood. Then he will continually use terms like "shining ones" or "fallen ones" or "starlike ones" whenever he refers to the clergy, to link back into his original unsubstantiated conclusion. As well there is a tendancy to use overly verbose language and endless flowery terms. A reader becomes mystified reading such emotive and powerfull words and phrases as ...."SO PITILESS WAS THE ONSLAUGHT OF THE ENEMY...THE LORDS DEAR FLOCK.......STOOD STILL IN AMAZEMENT.....NOTWITHSTANDING THE MOMENTARY DISCOURAGEMENT"....All within a few lines of each other.

    It is language that bamboozles and overworks the brain trying to unravel its meaning. Its interesting that it is written in a style that noone would use if speaking in the real world.Noone would say "So pitiless was the onslaught of the enemy".. They would say... "The enemies onslaught was pitiless". Using such unnatural phraseology only increases the confusion in the readers mind. Or a word like "Notwithstanding". You would have to turn your head inside out to unravel the meaning of such a word. Meanwhile, the book study flows on...

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    johnny cip

    refiners ; you are right and you are wrong... i do not have all the knowledge that you have or others... but i present the 1919 thing , in a no holds bared out blast... and i do take wt print outs of old wt's and read them... and i have been to the 42nd street library many times ,and have read a lot of old wt books... they try to laugh at me... but i shut them down fast... i just open a few new wt books and show were the wt calls the 1919 or other old wt crap bible truth... them i ask them to baqck it up .... get out the old books i'll study any one you want... then i let them know i have read many of them ,have you ? if they say they have read like say the harp of god i ask questions... about it .. they look like fools fast... even if i don't get all the facts right, they can't beat me ,, cause they never read any of this stuff... and living in N.Y.C. i challange them to get the books or we can go to the bethel and look there.... this is my pitch, and it hits hard,, i'm not nice . but after all this i let them know that they are not proving all things true james 4:17 etc then i give them jn 7:18 and zep 3:13 but every time i show them a old wt lulu i stop and ask that wt ? was that worshiop pleasing to jehovah.... it always stops them in their tracks......but i see what you are doing clearly ... and that is more effective than what i do.... cause when you are finished they will dug themselfs in a deep hole... one day i only hope to get a chance at a great pitch like you are getting.... remember that twilight zone show!!!!!!!!!! thank you again, aND I HAVE already used some of the contridictions you have shown me in this thread on my dad... as i know he has these newer books......john

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The "John Class" ???

    It does seem best that they don't bring out these deep spiritual truths first lesson.

    I don't think that the righteous will scoff, haughtily join together, or be pleased at another's demise - I think that from time to time, they simply just laugh so much that they pee themselves.

  • TheOldHippie

    How evil a slave are you, refiners fine, comparing books that are written in different years but which deals with the same topic! Woe unto thee! Comparing is evil, one must only walk in the ever-brightening light.

    Mighty interesting, how articles of immense significance to the thirsty billions on Earth and their possible future salvation suddenly have dropped in significance, only to be replaced by articles previously unmentioned. And how the description of the mood of the Bible Students changes from being for example depressed when described twenty years ago to being exhalted when described now. Strange. A bit like the 1974 Yearbook's description of the 1934 German convention, when people were depressed and the convention did not give them what they wanted and many refused to accept the resolution and the one to read it even refused to do so an ditwas all twisted by that evil slave who was then Branch oversser - but nowadays, the same convention was one bringing happiness and confidence and exactly whatthey needed the most and they all accepted it and read it and distributed it and nothing was twisted at all but it was all by the glory of Rutherford.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Plum. Bad girl.


    QUOTE/ "Andthesecondangelblewhistrumpet.Andsomethinglikeagreatmountainburningwithfirewashurledintothesea.Andathirdoftheseabecameblood;andathirdofthecreaturesthatareintheseawhichhavesoulsdied,andathirdoftheboatswerewrecked." (Revelation8:8,9).

    All of this is very symbolic of course, Mountains, oceans, boats. What do they all symbolize? Are they literal? The book says, interpreting the meaning of the SEA :

    QUOTE/. Those who would in due course respond to that message would separate from the goatlike group that Isaiah described in these words: "But the wicked are like the sea that is being tossed, when it is unable to calm down, the waters of which keep tossing up seaweed and mire." (Isaiah 57:20; 17:12, 13) Thus, "the sea" well pictures restless, unsettled, and rebellious humanity that churns up unrest and revolution..

    And that is his proof that the SEA pictures revolutionary humanity, a single scripture from Isaiah. As to the MOUNTAIN:

    QUOTE/.. A great mountainlike mass burning with fire is hurled into this "sea." In the Bible, mountains very often symbolize governments. For example, God's Kingdom is portrayed as a mountain. (Daniel 2:35, 44) Ruinous Babylon became a "burnt-out mountain." (Jeremiah 51:25)

    At least he quoted 2 scriptures that time. Check this out, the meaning of the BOATS:

    QUOTE/ None of the radical organizations floating like boats in that third of the sea can avoid ultimate shipwreck. How happy we are that millions of sheeplike people have now heeded the trumpetlike call to separate from those who are still wallowing

    Boatlike organizations.

    Oceanlike masses of wallowing revolutionary goatlike humanity. Trumpetlike utterances of Rutherford.

    Treelike church leaders.

    And Grasslike churchgoers symbolically wilting under the searing figurative heat of Rutherfords trumpetlike proclamations.

    All this is just too funny isnt it. The same vague and unsubstantiated reasoning is used with the interpretation of the third trumpet as well:

    QUOTE/ "Andthethirdangelblewhistrumpet.Andagreatstarburningasalampfellfromheaven,anditfelluponathirdoftheriversanduponthefountainsofwaters.AndthenameofthestariscalledWormwood.Andathirdofthewatersturnedintowormwood,

    Stars, rivers, fountains, lamps. I wont fatigue the reader with all of it, just the interpretation of the stars :

    QUOTE/. Anointed "stars," along with all others of the anointed, inhabit heavenly places in a spiritual sense from the time that they are sealed with the holy spirit as a token of their heavenly inheritanceHowever, the apostle Paul warned that from among such starlike ones would come apostates, sectarians, who would mislead the flock..Paul's warnings were fulfilled when the clergy of Christendom appeared on the world scene. This group is well represented by the symbol of "a great star burning as a lamp

    So this means that the clergy of Christendom were originally selected as potential members of the 144,000, but they apostatized. Wow! I didnt know THAT one.

    So that is the evidence offered for the STAR being the clergy , these are ever after referred to as Starlike ones. Shining ones symbolically falling from a figurative heaven . Failed elders, comprising a figurative man of lawlessness pouring symbolically poisoned wormwoodlike bitter lies into the ears of their grasslike listeners.

    QUOTE/ This fall from the spiritual heavens became apparent in the year 1919 when, rather than Christendom's clergy, the small remnant of anointed Christians was appointed over the Kingdom interests.. And from 1922 that fall was dramatized when this group of Christians renewed their campaign of frankly exposing the failings of the clergy of Christendom

    But cant you just see those clergy of Christendom? The Archbishop of Canterbury gnashing his teeth, biting his tongue, and ripping at his own hair in frustration at his inability to silence The Judges trumpetlike speeches?

    The Popes ears burning and him being frenzied to a white heat of rage at the Judges RESOLUTIONS being adopted by those 5000 cheering dubs in Ohio??

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