Facial recognition for churches

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  • krejames
    I'm currently at a privacy conference and one of the speakers mentioned this creepy facial recognition tool for churches to track their parishioners. Surprised the jdubs aren't on it already ;) enjoy! http://churchix.com
  • Simon

    Creepy - amazing how far from christian principles they can go. It's cool tech and I'm sure something a high control group such as the WTS just won't be able to resist.

    They could also have it at assemblies to alert attendants if apostate or disfellowshipped people showed up!

  • LoveUniHateExams
    Give them time, Krejames, give them time ...
  • bohm

    Or how about letting the JW.org app track where people are going in field service lol.

    In all fairness, this could be implemented with low-tec solutions (just taking attendance) and they properly know it is in their best interest not to record it.

    But i bet they would like to ;-).

  • eyeuse2badub

    I have a version of "facial recognition software" myself. Actually most of us have it.

    My wife and I are retired. We travel quite a bit making lots of stops in various cities. I have been using my smart phone, getting real close to the subjects, and taking lots of candid photos and short videos of; 'witnesses' supposedly doing the infamous 'metropolitan cart' work. I later show them to my jw wife and other jw friends and innocently say something like, "is this really preaching, or I'm sure that this is not what Jesus had in mind". It's hard to defend some of these photos. lol

    It's friggin' embarrassing (even to me) to 'witness' (pun intended) what these poor brothers and sisters are doing while "attending" these metal carts and call it preaching. I'm putting together a slide show to be released soon.

    It's become really interesting and fun to observe this 'time wasting' endeavor. To me, it's much better than confronting these "carters" and trying trap them or to put them on the spot. Mostly, I feel sorry for them. Remember too, most of us were once in there shoes and would have stood naked on the sidewalk if the borg would have told us to do so!

    just saying!


  • krejames
    They could also have it at assemblies to alert attendants if apostate or disfellowshipped people showed up!

    never thought of that! in fact, as LoveUniHateExams says, "give them time"!

  • Zoos

    Before long, all baptismal candidates will have a chip implanted in their neck that will be uploaded with all your current publisher card information and donation history. We will then be required to buy a small hand-held scanner from the organization (for a modest fee to cover the cost of materials) so we can determine the spiritual worthiness of a person before even talking to him.

    What a loving arrangement.

  • GodZoo

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