Isaiah's Prophecy- Light for all Mankind??

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  • joe_from_kokomo

    I don't know if anyone else has posted this yet, but I must say, that the Isaiah's Prophecy books are the most boring drivel I have ever had to endure. I don't know which member of the Writing department or the GB wrote this 2 part set, but I have to say that it is super-duper-dull beyond words. Perhaps the author suffers from Alzheimers and forgot that he wrote the same thing again and again and again...

    Our family is forced to sit thru this crap every week, and we want to just run out of the book study room screaming by the time we get to the end. It's the same regurgitated crap, over and over again each week. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Please don't misunderstand... the book of Isaiah is full of wonder, poetry, mystery, and prophecy. Some of the most powerful scriptures ever written are found there... But, what gives the WBTS the right to turn into into Biblio-gruel dosed with double-dog dogma?

    We have noted that there are 3 or 4 recurring themes throughout this two volume wonder...and every chapter harkens back to 1914 or 1919 somehow... give me a break! Anyone who really studies the history of the WT Society realizes that this little 1919 event is not that big of a deal. But, no, we have to devote paragraph after paragraph to this, rather than focusing on the beauty of Isaiah and the word of Jehovah.

    Then to twist these scriptures to somehow make them "symbolic" of this or that picayune WTBS event, is just the most absurd, illogical and arrogant thing - completely disrespectful of Jehovah. In tonight's lesson, for example, on pages 168-169, the scripture from Isa 51:3 about comforting Zion and restoring paradisaic conditions in Zion, gets warped and twisted into a "symbolic" meaning tied to 1919 and the anointed remnant only. What sheer haughtiness!

    Has anyone with a history background of any kind noticed that the Zion (Israel) has yet to be restored to any kind of paradisaic condition yet? Perhaps this scripture has a future fulfillment that many will be blessed to witness - not this trivialized malarkey that the so-called Faithful and Discreet Slave vomits out like lukewarm bile!

    Well, it just struck a nerve folks! It's hard enough to be lied to, to be treated like an indentured servant mentally, told that 10 hours a month should be our goal for field service, but please, please don't bore me to death! It's worse than Chinese water torture...

    OK, that's two cents. What is yours? Tell me, do you love the Isaiah series? Or, do you like me, wish for the Reader's Digest version? Is it the best thing you ever read, or birdcage liner fodder? Speak out!

  • Pistoff

    I am with you......this is pure dreck. I used to enjoy the book study, esp the greatest man book, but to make us sit through an hour a week of mealy mouthed, pointless rambling about the weekly proof of the 1919 emergence of the FDS ( a term not used till the thirties, I think).


  • TheOldHippie

    We have had so many interesting and good books, I think mostly of the children, such as "My Book of Bible Stories" and "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived", and now my children have to sit and listen to this, which nobody understands, and then two volumes, three whole years. Three whole years with the mantra 607-33-1914-1919-any day now.

    Commentaries on prophets need not be dull; the book commenting on Daniel was great - OK, you may disagree or agree with the contents or comments, but I mean there are thrilling stories, great prophecies, and historic comments. Now, there are only the same sentences repeated over and over again.

    Wasted hours.

  • larc

    Being the curious sort that I am, I have to ask, why do you folks endure this torture?

  • justhuman


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    This sickening two-book waste of paper is another troubling example of just how the WBTS is increasingly turning inward, tuning out the large world around them and writing/speaking only for the initiates.

    Just observe, for example, how what were once ``public talks" on Sunday have deteriorated mosty into ``preaching to the choir; " i.e rah-rah-service talks laced with ``theocratese" incomprehensible to any guileless non-witness naive enough to take the invitiation to the public seriously.

    Once can only wonder how any self-respecting book, magazine or newpaper editor would react if this stuff were submitted to him/her fro edit and publishing?

    My heart goes out to the young people dragged to these sessions and forced to endure an hour of this every week.

  • peacefulpete

    The Isaiah book was instrumental in helping my wife leave the organization. Page 336 vol1 says, "Confirmed atheists say that there is no Jehovah. In effect, so do "intellectuals" and others who ACT as if there is no God., BELIEVING THAT THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO NOONE. The truth is not in such ones. THERE IS NO GENEROSITY IN THEIR HEARTS. THEY HAVE NO GOSPEL OF LOVE. IN CONTRAST WITH GENUINE CHRISTIANS,THEY ARE SLOW TO PROVIDE FOR NEEDY ONES IN DISTRESS OR FAIL TO DO SO ENTIRELY." My wife of 10 years knew me better than that. This slanderous selfrighteous charactorization of anyone who disagreed with them finally opened her eyes to the cultlike techniques being used. Can you imagine saying that "intellectuals" have no generosity and will watch the sick and old suffer without feeling anything? Disgusting!

  • acsot

    Yeah, Isaiah volume 1 was where I stopped reading WTS publications. It and Volume 2 are horrendous. While on the topic of boring meetings, the Ministry School has certainly dumbed-down lately. I went once since the new year began and almost nodded off in my chair. The brothers don't even need to do intros, conclusions, to the Bible reading, if in fact there is Bible reading. Sometimes it's just droning about a few paragraphs in the Watchtower. Get up, read a few paragraphs, sit down. That's it. No explanation, commentary, nada. AWFUL

    Oh well, on to a better topic. It's lunchtime!

  • wannaexit

    I agree with you. My husband and I were talking about this same thing. These two volumes of Isaiah are a nightmare. We try to avoid as many as we can.

  • dsgal

    I dropped out in the middle of part one.I'd hate to think I had to endure part two.

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