Galling Meeting Today! Truly Nauseating!

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Let's take your complaint to the next level. A convicted but repentant pedophile can go door to door, comment at meetings and so forth. Do you think that its right to forget that sin? No way buddy. Odd how backwards they have everything.

    Jesus broke the law and healed a man on the sabbath. He asked, "Dudes, if you had a cow or something and it fell in a hole, would you like, leave it in a hole on the Sabbath?"

    The WTBTS won't stop Pedos from going D2D and they won't report alleged abuse, even though it does not violate ANY laws. If Jesus healed on the Sabbath ( breaking God's law..technically ) and the Pharisees admitted that allowances (again, technically breaking God's command) could be made, couldn't the WTBTS bend the "two-witness" rule in the "spirit of the law" to protect children??

    Would Jesus put any children in danger by allowing a Pedo to live, consequence fee, in any neighborhood?

    You gotta wonder, what's the WTBTS hiding?? After watching some documentaries on pedophile rings, many in religious and government agencies, I suspect that many high-ranking men in the WTBTS are pedos.

    They may get positions in the inner-circle because they are chosen by the ones who groomed them. Once you're in, and you have dirt on you, you can't get out. I hope that's not the case, but it does happen.

    If the WTBTS just came clean, they would look better in the public eye. Just imagine, the One True Xian Religion going public with their pedo problem! They love children so much that they don't care what people say! Protecting children is #1! What other "so-called" Xians are cooperating in full with Caesar, only Jeehoober's Witlesses!! It's proof of da troof!


  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Yes WO - they have it backwards.

    Yesterday, in discussion with an awake friend, we were discussing how most of the elders whom we know are far removed from the role of "shepherds". Rather, they tend to mimic the Saudi Matawa - policing thoughts on the part of the sheep and summoning them to JC's upon even a weak prima facie case. Thus, we view them with considerable caution. But as for child molesters, the training of elders is quite unsuited. In another blog, I highlighted the training given to professionals in the UK, which has 4 levels depending on the nature of the professional role. WT elders do not access this training. The WTBTS sees its own resources (being a "sperate from the world" organisation mind you) as quit sufficient. Thus, elders are not competent to handle this issue, and nor is the combination of elders and the branch legal desk competent. So the issue is systemic and has the effect of protecting the perpetrators to a large extent, and exacerbating the mal-experience of victims.

    In paragraph 15 of the WT study article cited in this thread, it is stated:

    "...when a man named Nathanael heard that Jesus had come from Nazareth, he said: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46) Based on that comment, how might you have labeled Nathanael? Critical? Prejudiced? Faithless? Jesus exercised insight and looked for the good in Nathanael."

    This is another galling paradox, for the WTBTS / GBoJW is indeed critical, prejudiced, and faithless (with the exception of FDS promotion / veneration). They are highly critical of anyone who disagrees with them even a little, and regardless of the point of disagreement having the authority of scripture. They are most definitely prejudiced against many institutions (charities and NGO's) in today's world which otherwise do a good job. I would go as far a saying that they are quite sectarian (anti-catholic especially) despite them paying the RC Church the highest of compliments by emulating some of their practices (the Magesterium, clergy/laity distinctions, elevation and veneration of some individuals). Yet their policies do have the effect of protecting child molesters. The elder who receives a report of such abuse from a victim or the victim's parents and who recommends contacting the police \ child protection services (those with the appropriate skill mix), that elder will at the very least have his "qualifications" reviewed and may have to relinquish his role. This rather like elders who would be supportive of their youngs ones having a university education.

    So we do really have a paradox in that innocent but dissenting ones are pursued but responses to child molesters are misguided / protected from the law. The meeting I mentioned was galling and nauseating. The content of the meeting and written material was poor. Then again, what more can be expected from today's WTBTS / GBoJW? the maxim is indeed true, that "they who expect nothing, shall not be disappointed!"

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